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Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Episode 5 Recap

Liu Tianyang took the responsibility of Xu Yiren and proposed to Fang Zhiyou to join the Huaxing Park project design as a deputy to Fang Zhiyou. Xu Yiren stood outside and eavesdropped. Liu Tianyang admitted that he was involved in the Huaxing Park project under Xu Yiren’s persuasion. Xu Yiren heard the truth, screaming for bitterness, and insulted Liu Tianyang for not kindly shaking the truth.

It is known that there are people who hate lying, but Xu Yi people use lies to deceive Liu Tianyang to participate in the Huaxing project. She was worried that Fang Zhi was expelled and did not leave immediately after get off work, but stayed in the company to help Fang Zhiyou fight the park model. Fang Zhiyou saw through Xu Yiren’s thoughts and pointed out that Xu Yiren was worried about being dismissed, so she helped fight the park model.

He Yuwen had dinner with his parents. He had always opposed He Yuwen’s work with Fang Zhiyou and asked him again to resign. He Yuwen rejected his father’s request as usual, and left without eating. Li Zhe picked up the wallet where the Xu Yi people dropped, and promised the Yi people to eat, praised the Yi people for their beauty, and kept touching the details of the Xu Yi people.

In order to win the Huaxing project, Father He invited President Huang to play on the golf course. He Yuwen led Fang Zhiyou to the golf course. Fang Zhicheng refused to please President Huang for the project. He did not deliberately lose to President Huang, but won President Huang. Father He was just the opposite. He intentionally lost the ball in order to cooperate with President Huang. Fang Zhi disregarded He’s father to please President Huang, and when he left, he announced that he would impress President Huang with his strength. He Yuwen followed Fang Zhiyou to leave, but she knew that she did not know how to work around it. Fang knew that she disdained to win the Huaxing project by other means. He had full confidence in the Huaxing project plan he designed and believed he could impress Mr. Huang.

Fang Shiyu’s sister participated in the anime character dress-up experience activity. Fang Zhiyou led Xu Yiren into anime outfit to help her sister Fang Shiyu complete the task, and finally completed the task. Fang Zhiyou sent her sister Fang Shiyu and led Xu Yiren to the Art Museum to listen music. Xu Yi was absent-minded and sent a message to Shady. While sending a message, she changed her headphones. When she noticed that Fang knew that she was standing behind her, she was shocked. Fang Zhi saw that Xu Yiren was not standing steadily and quickly reached out to hug Xu Yiren.

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