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Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Episode 4 Recap

Fang Zhiyou put his laptop to work, and Xu Yiren sat next to Fang Zhiyou wrapped in a blanket. He was curious and asked why Fang Zhi hated lying. Fang Zhiyou explained that he had a friend who lied that year, causing accidents to both parents. Although his father retrieved a life, his head was severely damaged and his mind was unclear. Fang Zhi has hated lying under the influence of friends. A small lie may have very serious consequences.

The next day, Fang Zhiyou led Xu Yiren back to work in the company. He Yuwen talked with Xu Yiren alone and learned that Xu Yiren and Fang Zhiren had traveled to the hotel. Xu Yiren dealt with the matter in three words and two words. He Yuwen was not stupid, and reminded her to treasure her hard-won job opportunities.

Li Zhe had an interview with Fang Zhi, and it turned out that Fang Zhiyou mentioned to Xu Yi that the friend who hated lying was Li Zhe. Thirteen years ago, Fang Zhi made a mistake and hurt Li Zhe’s family. Li Zhe was stubborn about this. Fang Zhiyou guessed that Li Zhe encouraged Liu Tianyang to take the Star City project and the other party knew that the other party was full of hostility and vowed to let Fang Zhiyou lose everything.

Fang Zhiyou’s sister Fang Shiyu bullied his classmates at school, and the class teacher informed Fang Zhiyou to go to school. Fang Zhiyou went to school with Xu Yiren and helped his sister Fang Shiyu to do justice. The student bullied by her sister Fang Shiyu is called Jiang Doudou. In fact, Jiang Doudou is not a victim. She once mocked a classmate with small eyes and blackened her glasses. Seeing Fang Shiyu Lu bullied Ginger Doudou, it caused Ginger Doudou to climb to the first floor window and quarrel with suicide. Mother Jiang asked the head teacher to punish Fang Shiyu. Fang Zhiyou knew the law clearly and decided that her sister Fang Shiyu was not a violent perpetrator on campus. The headmaster was helpless and did not let Fang Shiyu transfer to the class as required by Mother Jiang.

Fang Zhiyou decided to personally participate in the design of a project and appointed two assistants to assist. Gu Bo also wanted to participate. Fang Zhiyou reminded him that he was an intern and disagreed with him as an assistant. Gu Bo had a deep affection for Shady, and Xu Yi mentioned to Gu Bo the status of Shady’s work. Shady encountered a bottleneck in the comic industry, and the serialization of paintings stalled.

Fang Zhiyou denied the plan provided by the two assistants. Xu Yi worked hard to persuade Liu Tianyang, who is good at design, to participate, and lied that he said Liu Tianyang downstream from Fang Zhiyou’s commission.

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