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Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Episode 3 Recap

The Xu Yi people got their wages and happily talked to Shaty on the phone. Shady heard that Xu Yi people were very happy and thought Xu Yi people won the lottery ticket. Xu Yiren explained that he had paid his salary and returned to his home after get off work to cook a good table. Shady praised Xu Yiren’s craftsmanship and suggested that Xu Yiren should open a restaurant. The business must be prosperous, and then Xu Yiren turned into a boss lady.

Shati completed the task of designing the draft and went to the restaurant to eat hot pot at Gu Bo’s response. Gu Bo wanted to check out, but there was not much money in the card. In the end, it was Shanti who paid the bill. Shady regarded Gu Bo as a child. After buying the bill, he dropped Gu Bo and took a step.

Fang Zhiyou led Xu Yiren to the flower shop to buy flowers. Xu Yiren looked curious and guessed that Fangzhi bought flowers for the opposite sex. Fang knew that he had a good sense of self, and believed that Xu Yi people were passionate and thought they would be the flower collectors. The owner misunderstood Fang Zhiyou and Xu Yiren as a couple. Fang Zhiyou led Xu Yiren out of the flower shop and went to a nursing home. Xu Yiren continued to speculate that Fang knew there was a purpose to buy flowers, and that Fang knew that his girlfriend worked in a nursing home.

Fang Zhiyou led Xu Yiren to visit an old man who thought Xu Yiren was Li Zhe’s teacher. Xu Yiren was confused and knew nothing about the old man’s bottom. The old man suddenly fainted, and the doctor rushed over to rescue the old man urgently. The old man retrieved his life. The doctor thought that Fang knew that he was a family member of the old man, and that Fang Zhiyou led Xu Yiren to leave the hospital in a hurry, for fear of meeting the old man’s family in the hospital.

Li Zhe noticed the Xu Yi people who often traveled with Fang Zhi, and entrusted his follower Xiaobai to investigate the Xu Yi people. Fang Zhiyou led Xu Yi people on a business trip to the hotel. Xu Yi people fell into a coma and fell asleep. After waking up, they found themselves lying in bed. Fang Zhi took the temperature gun to check the temperature of the Xu Yi people and found that the Xu Yi people had a fever and quickly took the Xu Yi people to take medicine.

He Yuwen called Fang Zhiyou, and the party knew that she had eaten supper. Fang Zhiyou confessed to staying in a hotel with Xu Yiren. He Yuwen was not in the mood. She lied that she called Fang Zhiyou to talk about business.

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