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Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Episode 2 Recap

Fang Zhiyou suddenly woke up, Xu Yiren was scared and panicked, and repeatedly apologized. Fang Zhiyou put on her coat and opened the express box delivered by Xu Yiren, which contained many pens.

Designer Liu Tianyang decided not to resign, and He Yuwen tried to dissuade him. Liu Tianyang did not listen to He Yuwen’s dissuasion and packed his things. He Yuwen gestured to the Xu Yiren to deal with Liu Tianyang in anxiety. The Xu Yiren would come to lie and lied to deceive Liu Tianyang. They lied that Fang Zhiyou had pushed off all itineraries that day and was returning to the company on the way back, eager to retain Liu Tianyang.

Fang Zhiyou returned to the office and offered Liu Tianyang a 10% share. The Star City project is known to have aspirations, and Liu Tianyang believes that he will be able to win the Star City project.

When Xu Yiren returned to the rental house, the landlord proposed that the rent increase by 500 yuan, and asked Xu Yiren to pay the rent as soon as possible. The Xu Yi people had not yet paid their wages, and they knew they were ready to see President Yang. They called the Xu Yi people and asked them to accompany them. Xu Yiren was anxious to get out and promised to pay the rent the day after tomorrow. The landlord reminded her to remember to pay more than 500.

Although Xu Yiren felt that the landlord’s price increase of 500 yuan was unreasonable, he could only be wronged. When the landlord accidentally broke the light bulb of Xu Yi’s family, Fangzhiyou rushed over and learned that the landlord urged the rent. He had reason and reason to argue with the landlord and proposed to sue the landlord. With his help, the landlord fled the land and dared not embarrass him.

Fang Zhiyou led Xu Yi to see Mr. Yang’s family of three. Mr. Yang’s son was naughty and threw a dish at Xu Yi’s head. Xu Yiren held the idea that big things became small and did not scold Yang’s son. Fang Zhiyou couldn’t sit still, and couldn’t bear to accuse General Yang and his wife of indulging their baby son. President Yang had no room for complacency and ordered his wife and children to leave the box.

Liu Tianyang held a meeting and finished what he said before President Xu arrived. Fang Zhiyou broke into the office and was always dissatisfied with Liu Tianyang’s customers. Liu Tianyang was demolished by Fang Zhiyou. After crying, she followed Fang Zhiyou and left the office. She sat on the ground and cried. Fang Zhiyou refused to give Liu Tianyang a face, and announced that he would remove Liu Tianyang from his post and reduce his salary at the same time. After Xu Yiren got off work, Fang Zhiyou had given her a newly purchased lamp, wishing her life was always illuminated by light.

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