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Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Episode 10 Recap

Fang Zhi had physical discomfort and did not go to work. Xu Yiren stayed and took care of Fang Zhi for a whole day. Time came to the night unconsciously. Fang Zhi had sick files and Xu Yiren accompanied Fang Zhi to work overtime. The night is getting darker and darker, and in order to alleviate the dullness, he proposed to play games with Xu Yiren. Xu Yiren lost to Fang Zhiyou, and Fang Zhiyou painted many strokes on his face. Fang Zhiyou confided to Xu Yiren that he actually did not hate Xu Yiren. His words made Xu Yiren feel relieved.

He Yuwen led Fang Zhi to have an appointment with a manager, and the two met in a cafe. Fang Zhi suspected that the CEO’s modeling company was too low, and He Yuwen gently apologized to the CEO, hoping to have the opportunity to cooperate in the future. Fang Zhiyou left the cafe in the company of He Yuwen. He believes that the projects he develops need to find top-level modeling companies with very high level. He Yuwen has inquired about the business situation of several top modeling companies in the city in advance. Even if you work with one of the top modeling companies, you have to be ranked next year.

Xu Yiren learned to drive under the instructions of Fang Zhiyou, and later learned to drive and pick up the car. Learning to drive a car is not an easy task, especially for women who are not sensitive to machinery and electronics. Xu Yiren made a mistake in driving on the training ground and was taken down by the coach. Li Zhe came to the training yard to find Xu Yiren and led Xu Yiren to a restaurant to drink. He assured Xu Yiren that he would no longer inquire from the Xuyi population about what he knew, but would pursue Xu Yiren sincerely.

Fang Zhiyou led Xu Yi people to travel by car, and the car came to a fault on the mountain road. Fang Zhiyou had to park with Xu Yi people to spend the night in the car. Xu Yiren told Fang Zhi that she had mentioned her childhood experience. When she and her classmates traveled to the mountains, they got lost and met a big brother. Years later, she has been looking for the big brother who has enlightened her.

He Yuwen accompanied his friend Qiming to drink with the customer and took a list. Qi Ming was relieved that Dr. He Yuwen was drunk, followed by He Yuwen, who had asked the driver to return home, and picked up Dr. He Yuwen, who was drunk in the bathroom, and went to bed to rest.

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