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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 14 Recap

Feng Xiaoge’s injuries were not healed, and he staggered home. At the time when he was hungry, sister Mei came to visit with plum dried vegetable buns and was overjoyed. Seeing that the song of Feng Xiao Ge was still in good spirits, sister Mei was relieved for the time being, and then asked about his past life. She learned that he regretted losing his memory and was wandering away. Not only did he suffer from bullying, but he was framed and beaten because of the picking up and returning, so she chose to steal. Make a living, rob the rich and help the poor.

Sister Mei felt sorry for Feng Xiaoge’s previous experience, but she also advised him to change evil and do good, and should not abandon innocence based on the misunderstanding of others. Feng Xiaoge thoughtfully, until Sister Mei got up and left. After listening to her instructions and promises before leaving, she immediately understood the other party’s wishes, couldn’t help but smirked, looking forward to seeing Sister Mei again.

The fire dragon messenger failed to complete the task, so he had to go back to the palace and pass by. Snake Ji was furious and hated Nezha for repeated bad things, but did not know how to explain to the demon emperor. Yu Ji learned of the mysterious power of Flowing Marble Stone, and knew that it could change the luck of one’s qi, so she asked to take this thing to help the demon emperor restore his mana.

Due to the guardianship of Liuyun Stone, Liuyun Town has survived more than five hundred years, still living and working in peace and contentment. Recently, the disasters in the town have calmed down. The Lord Shen has come to the ground, and Feng Xiaoge has become a well-known hero. Feng Xiaoge learned that Sister Mei was bringing the children over today, so she hid in the mountain in advance to hide and seek. It happened that Nezha followed Xiaolongnv and pushed him out, and witnessed him getting along sweetly with Sister Mei until she left. Reluctant to give up.

After Sister Mei came down the mountain, Xiaolongnu said nothing, tied Feng Xiaoge on the spot, and forced him to ask his true identity before coming to Liuyun Town. There is no memory of Feng Xiaoge, and I don’t know what Xiaolongnu said. Nezha, seeing this situation, had to bite Fengxiao singer’s wrist in one bite. The pain was so painful that he yelled, and even the seal in his body was broken, instantly transforming the wind. Fire wheel, recognize it.

Recovering the memories of Hot Wheels and reorganizing its image also means that Feng Xiaoge is about to leave and cannot continue to stay in Liuyun Town. Before leaving, Feng Xiao Geite came to Fuzeyuan to bid farewell, but when she saw Sister Mei, her words were difficult to say, and eventually all her sorrows were turned into strength, not only helped her chopping wood and fetching water, and hoarding food, I also played games with the children and spent a nearly perfect day.

Seeing that it was getting dark and the sun was setting, Feng Xiaoge was thinking about it again and again, and had to tell the truth. Originally, Sister Mei planned to stay for a while, but she would definitely give up everything for her. However, Sister Mei understands the righteousness, even though she is reluctant to give up, she also knows which one is lighter and which is more important, and what is the responsibility of the common people in the world. If the wind whistling song is left behind forcibly, he will indulge in the love of his children and vain his mission, and more children will fall. Orphan, contrary to her original intention of establishing Fukuzawa Institute.

Feng Xiaoge was sorrowful, looked at her with a smile, and then turned and left. Nezha and the others saw that Feng Xiaoge was in a low mood, and did not explicitly say that when the three of them were out of town, sister Mei ran hurriedly and put medicines for traumatic injuries and dried plum buns with her basket, hoping that Feng Xiaoge would take good care of herself, even if After all these years, I don’t know when to see you again.

Liuyun Stone came from the body of the demon emperor, and was lost in Liuyun Town because it was shot down by the real Taiyi. Now that Yu Ji has stolen it, the Demon Emperor is overjoyed, and is about to refine her luck. However, the flow of marble is too popular, and she is repulsive and is not controlled by the Demon Emperor.

Snake Ji considered Nezha’s delay in getting rid of it, causing trouble. Moreover, Moang had not been captured yet, lest the troops would come and rob the East China Sea Dragon King. The Ugly Prime Minister suddenly thought of the Island of Infinitesimals. Because he had a little friendship with Pluto, he had a clever plan and proposed to spread rumors to the outside world. He lied that Ao Guang imprisoned the Island of Infinitesimals, and then erased the memory with the memory basin, which attracted Nezha and others. Rescue can be done without expending soldiers.

The Island of Infinity is located at the end of the East China Sea. It breaks out of the Three Realms, excludes the Five Elements operation, and does not participate in causal reincarnation. Whether it is a heavenly god or a demon spirit, as long as it is trapped in it, there will be no life until the end of the world. Upon receiving the news, the little dragon girl was anxious and insisted on going to Infernal Affairs. Nezha could not persuade, she could only go with her.

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