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You Are My Destiny (CH) 你是我的命中注定 Episode 35 Recap

Dylan brought Anna to pay homage to his parents, saying that he had brought Xiaoqing back. Dylan said that he would take good care of Anna in the future. Anna met with Chen Jiaxin, but Dylan came to the appointment. Chen Jiaxin was very surprised and at the same time happy that the relationship between Dylan and Anna was getting better. Chen Jiaxin asked Dylan to go to the art exhibition in the hotel next door to find inspiration for his creation.

Dylan had to leave first in the afternoon when he had something to do. Chen Jiaxin came to the art exhibition alone, and Wang Xiyi was painting a picture of a pony with a small snail on its back. In the evening, Mr. W and Chen Jiaxin talked about the relationship between Chen Jiaxin and Wang Xiyi. Finally, Mr. W asked Chen Jiaxin to meet and said that he would definitely go to the appointment and would bring borage, hoping that each other would have the courage to know each other again.

Chen Jiaxin got up early in the morning to wash her hair and make-up, and was about to go to Mr. W’s appointment. Siqi said that no matter who it was, as long as Chen Jiaxin made the decision, he would unconditionally support it. Wang Xiyi brought borage to the agreed place, then remembered the legend of borage, and then picked a borage flower and put it in the water.

Watching the flowers in the middle of the water, and then telling Chen Jiaxin that he was there, watching Chen Jiaxin telling him that he couldn’t say things after the meeting, Wang Xiyi left silently. Chen Jiaxin came to the agreed place and found that Dylan was Mr. W. Chen Jiaxin stepped forward and hugged Dylan, saying that Mr. W was God’s best arrangement for him. Wang Xiyi watched the scene of the two embracing from a distance, then turned and strode away from the agreed place.

In the evening, Dylan asked why Wang Xiyi did this. Wang Xiyi explained that Mr. W must not be himself, saying that he wanted to use Mr. W’s name to help Chen Jiaxin untie the knot, and then told her that she was Mr. W, and Chen Jiaxin felt herself.

It’s all understandable, but I didn’t do this because I only discovered from today that the root of Chen Jiaxin’s pain is Wang Xiyi. Whoever w is, she can’t be herself. If Chen Jiaxin knew she was Mr. W, she would lose another one. Someone who can speak from the heart and talk. Wang Xiyi told Dylan that Chen Jiaxin wanted to start again, and that he had been wondering what he had done wrong all these years.

But what Chen Jiaxin wants to do is to get rid of the past, and she will go through the divorce procedures as soon as possible so that there is no obstacle between Chen Jiaxin and Dylan. Dylan now finally discovered that Wang Xiyi really loved Chen Jiaxin, and Wang Xiyi said it was too late. Anna came to pick up Wang Xiyi after drinking. Wang Xiyi wanted to send Anna home. Anna asked if it could be understood that the other party cared about herself, and then asked whether Wang Xiyi and Chen Jiaxin were reconciled. Wang Xiyi replied that he and Chen Jiaxin were over.

Anna asked Wang Xiyi to come to eat at home and talk about the dance classroom. Chen Jiaxin and Dylan also came. When Wang Xiyi saw the people coming, he was ready to leave. Anna left and everyone said to stay and eat together.

At the table, Anna kept picking vegetables for Wang Xiyi, and Dylan took care of Chen Jiaxin carefully. In the middle of Chen Jiaxin’s chopsticks dropped, Wang Xiyi helped pick it up, but Chen Jiaxin asked Anna to help her pair of chopsticks. Wang Xiyi took Chen Jiaxin’s hand and entered the room. After closing the door, Chen Jiaxin asked why he was pulling in and let Wang Xiyi take care of himself. Chen Jiaxin said that there was no better choice than Dylan.

What Wang Xiyi should do now is to love Anna well, and then he was about to open the door to go out, but was hugged by Wang Xiyi. Chen Jiaxin said that we could not go back anymore. Wang Xiyi told Chen Jiaxin that I love you. This is the last time. Both people burst into tears. Wang Xiyi let go of Chen Jiaxin and turned around. Chen Jiaxin opened the door and walked out of the room.

Chen Jiaxin not doubt Mr. Dillon w, Anson and analysis Wang Yi met Chen Jiaxin and DLB, four people sit together and chat. An Sen apologized, Siqi said that the past between the two said that he wanted to understand that he wanted to marry An Sen.

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