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You Are My Destiny (CH) 你是我的命中注定 Episode 34 Recap

Withthe help of Dylan , Anna’s dance classroom gradually came back to life. Dylan told Anna that he was her brother, and Wang Xiyi sued Chen Jiaxin for notdivorcing Chen Jiaxin.

Chen Jiaxin and Wang Xiyi chatted about the past in the coffee shop. Wang Xiyi listened to Chen Jiaxin’s words and his smile gradually solidified on his face, and then replied a few words to Chen Jiaxin before turning and leaving the coffee shop.

Chen Jiaxin caught up with Wang Xiyi and said that he was sorry. Wang Xiyi looked back and listened to Chen Jiaxin’s explanation. He stretched out his arms and hugged Chen Jiaxin. Wang Xiyi wanted to kiss Chen Jiaxin, but Chen Jiaxin avoided him at the end. She said I was sorry, and she would never meet again in the future.

When she saw his face, she would remember the loss of Xiao Xi Mi that day. There is always a hurdle between the two people, as long as they meet, they will remember those unpleasant things. Chen Jiaxin said, then go their own way. Wang Xiyi refused, and once again hugged Chen Jiaxin, saying that he would never let go of anything this time.

Anna’s dance classroom came. The parents brought their children to sign up. Anna asked where the other party saw the dance classroom information. The other party replied that it was on the official account of Teacher Huayuanyuan. Anna sent away the parents and children. I was very surprised afterwards. Anna received a call, and the person on the phone said that they saw the flyers of the dance classroom, but Anna came to the place where the flyers were distributed but saw Dylan. Dylan had to explain that he was a fan of Anna.

Anna and Dylan talked about what happened since their adoptive mother adopted him, and the sadness and difficulty of learning ballet. Dylan couldn’t help but feel distressed. Anna still has a scar under her arm. Anna said that she was abandoned by the original family and forgotten by the adoptive family. Her life was all based on her own blood and tears. of. Later, I met Wang Xiyi. Only Wang Xiyi has always supported her in pursuing her dreams and put her first. At that time, she felt the best side of life, but now Wang Xiyi has left herself.

Anna said that she had never told anyone about these in the past, and treated it as a secret between her fans, and Dylan said she would keep the secret. Dylan asked Anna if she loved Wang Xiyi, Anna admitted that Dylan then said that she would form an alliance with Anna.

In the evening, Mr. W and Chen Jiaxin said that they are suitable for chance encounter. During the conversation, Wang Xiyi learned that Dylan had also returned to Shanghai. Early the next morning, Wang Xiyi began to follow Chen Jiaxin and Dylan, but was embarrassed by the residents of the neighborhood committee.

Dylan took Chen Jiaxin to Anna’s dance studio and told Chen Jiaxin that Anna was her own sister, and she was quite sure. But I haven’t told Anna that he is her brother. Chen Jiaxin asked the reason. Dylan replied that other than Anna, she had abandoned her, and that she had a strong self-esteem and didn’t want anyone’s sympathy, so she just said she was Anna.

Fans of, help Anna through the difficulties first. Dylan said that he knew that the relationship between Chen Jiaxin and Anna was very delicate. He didn’t want to lose the most important person because he found his sister. So he chose to tell Chen Jiaxin first. Chen Jiaxin expressed his understanding and said that the only contradiction between himself and Anna was that they fell in love at that time. Wang Xiyi.

Chen Jiaxin asked Dylan to hug him. Wang Xiyi saw it and rushed out to stop the two. Dylan and Wang Xiyi had a quarrel. Chen Jiaxin quickly stopped and said that he was with Dylan. Then he took Dylan’s hand. left. Dylan told Anna that he was her own brother, and explained that it was not abandoning her back then. In order not to divorce Chen Jiaxin, Wang Xiyi told Chen Jiaxin. Siqi decided to help Chen Jiaxin to negotiate with Wang Xiyi. After the conversation, Wang Xiyi broke Chen Jiaxin’s feelings for Dylan, and explained that nothing happened when he was not with Anna. Chen Jiaxin said that he was divorced and left.

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