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You Are My Destiny (CH) 你是我的命中注定 Episode 32 Recap

Dylan met Shi Anna , and Shi Annamet Dylan oncein Wang Zhenzhu’s place. He didn’t expect it to be so coincidental. She was very happy to get the wallet, and liked the feeling of being lost and recovered, but Dylan told her that all bad luck would leave. Although Shi Anna felt that she liked this photo when she was a child, her childhood was very miserable. She thought she was abandoned by her native family and couldn’t help holding resentment. Moreover, her adoptive mother didn’t like her and kicked her out of the house.

This made Dylan, who originally wanted to recognize her, realized her misunderstanding of herself, and planned to not recognize her for the time being. And Wang Yi analysis here understand Chen Jiaxin bit by bit, and her own thoughts through this identity of Mr. W, said Chen Jiaxin mortar flower shop, gave Chen Jiaxin buy a gift. When Chen Jiaxin opened it, it turned out to be a very beautiful necklace. She couldn’t help but feel happy, for Mr. W’s care. Wang Xiyi felt very happy when she saw that she liked it. He hoped to bring new things to Chen Jiaxin and let her forget the unpleasantness of the past.

On Zhongshanlong’s side, Chen Jiaxin arranged his job. Wang Zhenzhu had been asking about the soap box, but Zhongshanlong didn’t dare to say more, and only asked when Chen Jiaxin planned to return to Shanghai. However, Chen Jiaxin said that she was not going to return to Shanghai and planned to travel around the world.

Chen Jiaxin told Mr. W that he made an important decision to travel around the world. This shocked Wang Xiyi. He meant to let her travel the world, but wanted her to return to Shanghai. Hurry up to persuade Chen Jiaxin to euphemistically, it is not safe to travel around the world should make detailed plans. But Chen Jiaxin didn’t understand at all, thinking he was encouraging herself. Wang Xiyi hoped that her first stop could start from Shanghai, but Chen Jiaxin decided that Shanghai was the last stop. Wang Xiyi decided to deceive Chen Jiaxin back to Shanghai, called An Sen , reimbursed him and Liu Siqi for all his requirements for marriage, and asked Chen Jiaxin to return to China as a bridesmaid.

Anson showed Liu Siqi the diamond ring and the wedding preliminaries. Liu Siqi was very happy at first, but knew that Wang Xiyi had instructed him, so he didn’t intend to betray his girlfriend, even if he didn’t get married. However, An Sen said that Wang Xiyi said that if he could not get things done, he would let himself quit tomorrow, which made Liu Siqi immediately regret it.

Liu Siqi told Chen Jiaxin that he was getting married and was sponsored by Wang Xiyi and wanted Chen Jiaxin to come back to attend the wedding. Although Chen Jiaxin was very dissatisfied with Wang Xiyi’s doing this, there was only one best friend. She could only agree to Liu Siqi’s request, asking for the time and address, and also agreed to accompany Liu Siqi back to pick the wedding dress.

Wang Xiuling told Wang Zhengren that Wang Xiyi had found Chen Jiaxin, and she was also very happy and planned to cook more dishes. It turned out to be disappointed to see Wang Xiyi coming back alone, Wang Xiyi came back alone.

Chen Jiaxin returned to Huaniaodao by boat. Huaniaodao is now prosperous and developing vividly. She went all the way back and found that it had changed a lot.

When Chen Jiaxin came back, he found out that the flowers and plants on the island were adopted by Chengjie Group and developed the Chengjie Group. The islanders took Chen Jiaxin to the library. The inside was very beautiful and sunny. The children all had fun. Chen Jiaxin felt better when he saw it. Wang Xiyi has been spending money without asking for anything in return, trying to make the children of Huaniaodao a better life.

Lin Xishi was very happy to see Chen Jiaxin coming back. The neighbor also mentioned Wang Xiyi, which made Lin Xishi angry. When Chen Jiaxin returned home, everything looked familiar to her, and she was deeply moved.

Shi Anna also went back to Shanghai. She received a call from the landlord of the shop, telling her that the rent for the dance studio was going to increase. If she didn’t want to move out, Shi Anna couldn’t help but sigh.

Mr. W sent another message to Chen Jiaxin. Wang Xiyi used this strange identity to silently care about Chen Jiaxin. The two seemed to be talking in the air, and she thought of Wang Xiyi again. She wanted Wang Xiyi to feel that she was having a very happy life, even though she was trying her best.

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