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You Are My Destiny (CH) 你是我的命中注定 Episode 31 Recap

Dylan found his sister Wang Xiyi and Chen Jiaxin were confusedand sentimental . They hugged and kissed on the bed. At this moment, they seemed to be back to the past. The sound of boiling water finally awakened the two of them and made Chen Jiaxin stand up and sit up. She had no choice but to excuse the water. Wang Xiyi couldn’t help asking why she wanted to kiss her by herself, and Chen Jiaxin could only divert the topic. Wang Xiyi told her that he regretted it.

He just wanted Chen Jiaxin and wanted Chen Jiaxin’s forgiveness. Speaking of Xiaoxi Mi, Chen Jiaxin broke down even more and couldn’t help crying. Wang Xiyi slowly talked about the events of these years, saying that he had seen Chen Jiaxin’s changes and his own changes. Only when he saw Chen Jiaxin found that he could not forget Chen Jiaxin at all. He thought that Chen Jiaxin might still have a place that belongs to him. He regretted that he didn’t protect Chen Jiaxin well, and he didn’t learn to cherish her earlier.

Chen Jiaxin kept crying. She confessed that although she became Yilian, she would still be afraid and cowardly, especially when facing Wang Xiyi. She turned her head to look, only to find that Wang Xiyi had come to sleep with the effect of the medicine, stroking Wang Xiyi’s face, Chen Jiaxin felt for the first time that she could not forget him at all, she couldn’t help telling Wang Xiyi that she still wanted to be his Chen Jiaxin. At this time, Shi Anna ‘s news popped onto Wang Xiyi ‘s cell phone, saying that she was downstairs. See you later. Chen Jiaxin suddenly understood, she said goodbye and opened the door.

She kept crying when she received a text message from Dylan asking if she was home. Shi Anna knocked on Wang Xiyi’s door and saw that Wang Xiyi was sick, she immediately decided to go downstairs to buy medicine and take good care of Wang Xiyi.

Chen Jiaxin was blowing the night breeze. She was really struggling. She found Dylan to drink. The emotions in her heart desperately needed to find the eruption. She couldn’t help but complain that Wang Xiyi was a liar. He is still dating Shi Anna, and she couldn’t help but hope to be with Wang Xiyi. With results, what was she thinking. After so many years, I still can’t forget Wang Xiyi, seeing him still feel so uncomfortable. Dylan told her not to suffer the same torture a second time. She took the job with a little hope at the beginning. He told Chen Jiaxin to run away.

Wang Xiyi couldn’t sleep anymore, thinking about the kiss between himself and Chen Jiaxin and the sudden attack of Shi Anna knocking on the door. On the one hand, he felt guilty for Shi Anna, and on the other hand he couldn’t let go of Chen Jiaxin.

Shi Anna was also tossing and turning. She actually saw Chen Jiaxin coming out, but she didn’t dare to question Wang Xiyi. She was actually afraid of losing Wang Xiyi, so she didn’t dare to mention it.

Early in the morning, Shi Anna tidyed up her expression and asked Wang Xiyi to get up, but Wang Xiyi broke free of her hand and told her to stop trying. He just didn’t like Shi Anna anymore, let it go now. Shi Anna was unwilling to accept and told Wang Xiyi that she would tell him when she was ready to let go, but not now.

The waiter sent a letter from Chen Jiaxin, and she told Wang Xiyi that she wanted to move forward. What happened yesterday was just an accident, so stop contacting herself. Wang Xiyi hurriedly went to Chen Jiaxin’s house, but he could not get any news.

He didn’t know where to infer the news about Chen Jiaxin, so he quickly searched for it. He wanted to reconcile with Chen Jiaxin, but desperately hugged Chen Jiaxin and told Chen Jiaxin that he could have another small sago. Chen Jiaxin completely angered Chen Jiaxin. She thought that Wang Xiyi had any qualifications to mention Xiaoxi Mi. After breaking away from Wang Xiyi, Dylan stopped Wang Xiyi and told him not to treat Chen Jiaxin like this again.

Shi Anna was stolen by a thief. The thief dropped the wallet and Dylan picked it up. He saw the picture in the wallet and instantly understood that Shi Anna was his sister.

Wang Xiyi picked the flowers and asked for them to be delivered to the door. Chen Jiaxin opened it and found that it was an unsigned letter and a borage. The letter said that he was a fan of her. If you want to communicate, you can add his WeChat. I went to WeChat and found out that the other party understood her very well after chatting, so she saw it right away.

Dylan came to Shi Anna personally, and Shi Anna went down to see Dylan.

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