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Well Dominated Love 奈何boss又如何 Episode 15 Recap

When Zhao Yuanfang saw Zhen Nian, he immediately struck up a conversation. Only then did Zhen Nian learn that the dress she was wearing was from Zhao Yuanfang, and immediately said that if she knew that the dress was given by Zhao Yuanfang, she would definitely not wear it. Nie Xingchen found the opportunity to approach Yan Jing and said that he was idle and had nothing to do. He was afraid that he might not deal with Yuanda Group’s President Liao, but Yan Jing refused her kindness. Nie Xingchen had to find a corner by himself and wait for the opportunity again. .

Jin Beina deliberately got her feet in front of Nie Xingchen. In desperation, Yan Jing had to drag Nie Xingchen to accompany her to dance tango to attract Mr. Liao’s attention. As expected, the tacit understanding between the two quickly attracted Mr. Liao. Mr. Liao was right. The dances of the two were very appreciated, and it reminded him of the love story between himself and his wife. Under the scene of Yan Jing, Nie Xingchen was introduced to President Liao as a girlfriend. Nie Xingchen used this to make his request to return to the president’s office as the secretary of the president. Yan Jing agreed to his request and planned to drive away. She went home, but in desperation, Nie Xingchen had to tell him his previous address, and then took a taxi back to his new home.

Nie Xingchen was about to go out, but found that Yan Jing had already been waiting at the door. He knew that he could not hide, so he had to open the door to deal with it. After breakfast, he ran into the elevator in a panic. When Yan Jing returned to the company, remembering the recent past with Nie Xingchen, he came to the president’s office and sat in Nie Xingchen’s seat and asked about the fragrance of rosemary. Zhao Yuanfang came to the shooting site to view Zhen Nian’s promotional photos. In order to keep improving, Zhao Yuanfang requested Zhen Nian to reshoot.

When Yan Jing inspected the mall, passing by the machine that co-photographed the photo with Nie Xingchen last time, there were some blurry images of the two in his mind. After Zhao Yuanfang’s strict guidance requirements, Zhen Nian’s promotional photos can be regarded as finished, but Zhen Nian bluntly said that Zhao Yuanfang’s public revenge, but Zhao Yuanfang said it was for her good, and at the same time handed her a towel to wipe her sweat. The towel was covered with cakes, which made Zhen Nian very angry. Afterwards, she deliberately apologized to Zhao Yuanfang and muddled his cream cake.

In order to conceal his true identity, Nie Xingchen always sneaked back home, trying his best to avoid Yan Jing. Afterwards, he ordered a takeaway and asked Yan Jing to go downstairs to get it. Taking advantage of this gap, Nie Xingchen hurried back. Own residence. After taking the takeaway, Yan Jing asked Nie Xingchen, who was wearing a mask, to go to his house to eat together.

Nie Xingchen lied that he was working at Yatai Company. The two spent a relaxing time together like this. Nie Xingchen was even more sleepy and fell on Yan Jing’s shoulders. As soon as Yan Jing wanted to uncover her mask, Nie Xingchen woke up suddenly, and then Immediately got up and left Yan Jing’s residence.

The next day, Yan Jing waited downstairs in the community to send Nie Xingchen to work. In desperation, Nie Xingchen had to lie about a location, and got off the bus midway and then took a taxi to Earl Group. During Yan Jing’s meeting, the relevant department managers of the company recommended Nie Xingchen to be responsible for Mr. Liao’s land project, and Nie Xingchen used his own strength to prove his work ability again.

At lunch time, Yan Jing suddenly ran to Yatai Group to verify Cocoa and left Yatai when he learned that he might be deceived. Yan Jing took Nie Xingchen to participate in Mr. Liao’s intention bidding meeting, but the plan was leaked. At the bidding meeting, Mr. Liu of the competitor company put forward the same slogan as Piaget. This surprised Nie Xingchen and he was helpless. Xia Yan Jing had to give up his own development elaboration.

The president’s staff was a little depressed because of the leak of the planning case. When she was about to ask Nie Xingchen what was going on, Jin Beina took the investigators to express her suspicion that Nie Xingchen might be a commercial spy. This was so extraordinary that everyone was shocked. .

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