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Parallel Love 时间倒数遇见你 Episode 14 Recap

Li Dong took advantage of Jiao Yang’s absence and moved everything in his office. Jiao Yang was very angry. Lin Miao quickly blocked the winner to make the rules of the game. The most important thing to be blind was bidding. The people in the president’s office also received a questionnaire and asked them to fill in what their home looked like. Lin Miao was all bad memories. Su Chengjun met Lin Miao. Lin Miao didn’t care much about him. He was the initiator of the whole thing. Su Chengjun said that he was just pushing the boat. In the end, they were not strong enough. Lin Miao rolled his eyes. gone.

Zhao Yan came to Lin Miao and said that she saw the scene in the coffee shop just now, and satirized her left hand Jiao Yang and right hand Su Chengjun, and made her die. She always regarded Jiao Yang as her future husband. Zhao Yan chased Lin Miao and asked her if she liked Jiao Yang. Lin Miao said silently that Jiao Yang was not a rag doll that two little girls competed with. If Zhao Yan really wanted to be with Jiao Yang, it would be fair competition.

Zhao Yan naturally thinks that Lin Miao likes Jiao Yang. Lin Miao reluctantly admitted. The passing Jiao Yang was excited when he heard this. After get off work, Jiao Yang took Lin Miao’s hand and had to walk back all the way. She also complained that she was incomprehensible, even in the villa. Lin Miao said that the reason why she prevented Jiao Yang from going to go to Hiran was because her father died like this. When she was a child, her father was busy working. She and her mother lived in a small house on the outskirts. Memory, she feels that home is where you create memories with the most important people. Jiao Yang felt a little distressed, saying that he would definitely give Lin Miao a family, and then hugged her into her arms tightly. Lin Miao leaned on Jiao Yang’s arms and thought that the biggest miracle in her life was not to go back to the past, but to meet Jiao Yang.

The next day, Jiao Yang and Lin Miao bid together, and Jiao Yang asked Secretary Yan to choose a dress for Lin Miao. The two met Su Chengjun. When the bidding began, they found that their bidding plan was the same, both were urban eco-hotels. However, Jiao Yang was the winner. He proposed the idea of ​​superimposing the concept of home on the ecological concept, and Lin Miao was moved. During the break, Su Chengjun wanted to invite Lin Miao to dinner, but Jiao Yang refused. Su Chengjun and Jiao Yang entered the next round of elections. Su Chengjun invited Manager Lu to eat with friends of his admissions office.

After the bidding ended, Lin Miao suddenly received a call saying that Lin Weijun was gone, and the two hurried to find it. Lin Weijun was about to jump off the river, Jiao Yang appeared to save her in time, and sent the comatose Lin Weijun to the hospital. Lin Miao’s face was frightened, when she did it ten years ago, it was clearly later than this time. Jiao Yang saw Lin Miao’s careful thinking.

It turned out that Lin Miao did the same thing ten years ago and was a bit worried. I really don’t know how Lin Miao survived without his time. Jiao Yang went to buy food, Lin Miao looked at his back and suddenly remembered, the person who saved her ten years ago was Jiao Yang! After Jiao Yang came back, Lin Miao hugged him happily, it turned out to be him. Jiao Yang was not too surprised to learn that this matter really seemed to be his style, and said she was asked to agree with her. At this time, Lin Weijun woke up, and Hu Haoman was arguing and dying to die. Lin Miao splashed her a glass of water and angrily rebuked her. She didn’t expect that she would be so self-deprecating in the past. Lin Miao burst out crying uncontrollably, and Jiao Yang hugged her quickly.

Lin Weijun can be discharged from the hospital. In order to prevent her from doing stupid things, Jiao Yang decided to let her move to her home. Lin Weijun refused to live or die. He also said that Su Chengjun would take care of her, but no one answered the phone. Lin Weijun reluctantly agreed, but her request was to make Lin Miao disappear. Jiao Yang took Lin Weijun back to his home, Lin Weijun saw Lin Miao’s high heels gossip. Jiao Yang took Lin Miao upstairs again, this is his other house, but Lin Miao was afraid that Lin Weijun would have anything else, so he asked Jiao Yang to live downstairs or watch her.

The next day, Lin Miao and Jiao Yang went to work together. Lin Miao guessed without knowing that Lin Weijun ate a large bucket of ice cream last night and then ran to the toilet all night to make him sleepless. Their valuation was 30 million higher than that of Zhongqing. In order to save these 30 million, Jiao Yang took Lin Miao to find many material dealers, but found nothing. Lin Miao and Jiao Yang talked about it ten years later, saying that many people would not stay in hotels when they were on business, but chose long-term rental apartments, which gave Jiao Yang inspiration. Jiao Yang came to Jiao Father with a new project book.

Father Jiao recognized it very much after reading it and was very pleased that Jiao Yang could be alone. Father Jiao asked Xiao Hu to take this document and let the directors sign it. He also found that the last surveillance video leak was Li Dongqian, in order to drive away Jiao Yang. Su Chengjun is also striving to keep prices to a minimum. He knows that he must win this battle so that he can gain a foothold in Zhongqing and let Jiao Yang look away.

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