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Parallel Love 时间倒数遇见你 Episode 13 Recap

Lin Miao stayed up late to check. This thing was too much trouble on the Internet. She had to solve it by tomorrow. Jiao Yang comforted her that everything could be passed, and nothing could be solved by the two of them. Jiao Yang fell asleep, and Lin Miao turned on the computer again to start the plan of Gee Lan. Jiao Yang has assigned tasks to everyone, and it is necessary to quell the storm of online public opinion within today.

Jiao Yang went to find Jiao Father with the project plan of Gee Lan. Jiao Father felt that the previous amount was too large to convince the board of directors. It would be better to improve the plan and wait for a suitable opportunity to develop it. Now Jiao Yang needs to The focus is on the bidding of Hengyuan, this bone is not good to eat, otherwise the board will not be handed over to Jiaoyang. Lin Miao ordered takeaway for everyone, Jiao Yang asked her to continue to do the next project, Lin Miao was flattered.

In the project of Hengyuan, Zhongqing will also participate in the bidding. Li Dong gave Su Chengjun a document to let him win the bidding and completely drive Jiaoyang out. Jiao Yang went home to ask Jiao Father for some books about hibiscus, and also asked him how he chased his mother. Jiao Father said that he chased Jiao Mother for three years. Jiao Mother always refused him, but in fact kept secretly Caring about him, such as buying drinks for colleagues in his name.

Lin Weijun ran to Su Chengjun’s house to find him, saying that today is the anniversary of their first date, and he also promised that he would never make unreasonable troubles in the future. They could go back and start over. Su Chengjun couldn’t bear to put up a breakup. He needed a girlfriend who could progress together, not someone like Lin Weijun who would only miss the past. They were not suitable. Lin Weijun was sad and finally remembered a name, Lin Miao.

Su Chengjun successfully obtained the bidding right of Hengyuan with the materials obtained in advance. Lin Miao and Jiao Yang are also discussing this matter. The two met Lin Weijun who came to the company. Lin Weijun was shocked to see Lin Miao who was exactly like himself. Jumping, thinking that she was the one who seduce Su Chengjun, she jumped up and was stumbled by herself, and Jiao Yang and Lin Miao quickly took her to the hospital.

Su Chengjun and Jiao Yang were outside the ward. Jiao Yang warned him that he would never give in, whether in the mall or Lin Miao, and the spark between the two was on the verge. In the ward, Lin Weijun was condemning Lin Miao. Lin Miao rolled her eyes in her heart. Was she so unreasonable in the past? Lin Miao couldn’t help but scold Lin Weijun. Since Su Chengjun didn’t want her, it would be better to improve herself, but Lin Weijun regarded Su Chengjun as the whole of his life.

Jiao Yang gave sugar to Lin Miao, but Lin Miao refused to like sweet. Jiao Yang didn’t expect Lin Weijun to be like this ten years ago. Lin Miao lamented that maybe God made her come back just to see these things. Jiao Yang comforted her with some distress. Lin Miao will change from Lin Weijun to now and must have suffered a lot, so once again give sugar to Lin Miao. People like her who have a lot of hardships need a lot of sweetness to fill full.

Jiao Yang and Lin Miao came to take the bidding book of Hengyuan Group. A few people next to them deliberately satirized Jiao Yang. Lin Miao was very angry. Jiao Yang and her dared not to say a word about them. Manager Lu is meeting with Su Chengjun. Su Chengjun got the bid and said that a friend has a lot of research in education and can help his daughter. Lin Miao and Jiao Yang could not wait for Manager Lu to bid for them. They couldn’t help but find it. Manager Lu was so upset that Jiao Yang took out his mobile phone and pretended to call General Manager Liu to get the bid. The two were going to have a look at the building together. Lin Miao’s shoelaces were opened, and Jiao Yang squatted down to help her tie them up.

Jiao Yang and Lin Miao came to investigate together. After being built here, it may be a landmark building in this city. Jiao Yang was a little sad. Once Hongyu Group was the tallest building, I didn’t expect it to be replaced soon. Jiao Yang also studied architecture when he was in college. His father was a builder and his mother was an architect. The two worked hard together for only a few years of Hongyu Group. He was afraid that if he did not do well in the future, his parents would be disappointed and afraid. Lin Miao was disappointed, Lin Miao comforted him that he could do well.

Jiao Yang once again confessed, asking Lin Miao if she would stay with her forever, but Lin Miao would eventually go back. Jiao Yang understands Lin Miao’s concerns, but he will let Lin Miao stay willingly. Jiao Yang’s funding application was returned because of the wrong format, so Lin Miao made a copy and sent it to Jiao’s father successfully. Su Chengjun, Lin Miao and Jiao Yang are both meeting for the bidding of Hengyuan. Su Chengjun and Jiao Yang both thought of doing urban ecological hotels. Jiao Yang asked everyone to talk about the ideal hotel, and asked Zhao Yan to do a questionnaire for colleagues in the public relations department to send to colleagues.

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