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Parallel Love 时间倒数遇见你 Episode 12 Recap

Jiao Yang came to the rooftop to find Lin Miao, and he met Lin Weijun who came to Su Chengjun. Lin Weijun asked him where Su Chengjun was. Jiao Yang asked if she really liked Su Chengjun. Lin Weijun admitted that Jiao Yang was very sad. It turned out that Lin Miao came The person this world is looking for is not him.

Lin Weijun found Su Chengjun, and Su Chengjun just received Lin Miao’s call. Lin Weijun immediately blew Mao Mao to look for Lin Miao. Su Chengjun sighed helplessly and said to consider whether they are suitable for being together. Lin Miao found that there was only a little more than a month left in three months, and she had to help Jiao Yang become president as soon as possible. Jiao Yang was sad to play on the basketball court alone, but did not return for the night.

Early the next morning, Lin Miao came to send a suit to Jiao Yang, but Jiao Yang’s attitude was cold. During the meeting, he also announced that the next Hibiscus artificial cultivation project would not use Lin Miao to follow, as long as he resumed his daily work. Lin Miao wondered if Jiao Yang had done something wrong, why Jiao Yang suddenly became so abnormal, Jiao Yang said coldly that he felt that the relationship between superiors and subordinates was handled better, and let her commute to work in the future, he would Allow financial reimbursement.

Lin Miao was puzzled and angry. It was also a good thing to only comfort herself to draw the line. Su Chengjun gave Zhao Yan two donation platforms. Zhao Yan asked him if he would choose that, but turned around and lost the one he chose. Li Dong received the news from Su Chengjun that the fish was hooked. Su Chengjun immediately gave Jiao Yang a resignation report, saying that his status was not suitable for staying in Hongyu, and Jiao Yang could only agree. But he didn’t want to. Su Chengjun had already contacted the China Youth Group and planned to join the job tomorrow.

Jiao Yang came to ask Lin Miao why he didn’t eat lunch. Lin Miao and he were too lazy to answer. Su Chengjun ran to ask Lin Miao to finish the meal. He will leave Hongyu Group tomorrow. Secretary Yan found a plan of Gee Lan from Lin Miao’s waste paper box and quickly showed it to Jiao Yang. It seems that it has been planned for a long time. Jiao Yang quickly got up and went to find Lin Miao. Lin Miao is having dinner with Su Chengjun. Su Chengjun said that he had changed jobs and that he would be the position of director. Lin Miao naturally blessed him.

Su Chengjun suddenly asked the waiter to bring a bunch of flowers. He felt that Lin Miao knew very well that he wanted to pursue her. Lin Miao was embarrassed. Jiao Yang appeared at this time and said that the person Lin Miao likes was himself, and then took her away, Su Chengjun is very angry, why does Jiao Yang have to grab everything with him!

Jiao Yang told Lin Miao that he knew everything. She came from the future. This was the last time Lin Miao had drunk and told him. Lin Miao argued, how can you take it seriously if you drink too much? Jiao Yang didn’t care where Lin Miao came from. He just wanted to confirm one thing. He liked Lin Miao. Jiao Yang took out the bracelet that Lin Weijun came to the company last time. Lin Miao should be familiar with it. Lin Miaomeng pulled her hand back and said that she didn’t like Jiao Yang, and also persuaded Jiao Yang to do things rationally. You shouldn’t take it seriously after drinking. Lin Miao left with a cry. She must leave here. Instead of seeing Jiao Yang sad at the time, don’t start.

Jiao Yang woke up early in the morning and found that Lin Miao was no longer at home. When he arrived at the company, Lin Miao hurriedly told him that there was a problem with the donation. The donation platform said that they did not receive their remittance, and the phone number became empty. Zhao Yan and Lin Miao thought about it, and finally thought of Su Chengjun, the list of donation platforms was drawn up by him. Su Chengjun has served as the director of the marketing department at another company, Yaowu Yangwei.

The board of directors asked Jiao Yang to resign, and Jiao Yang had nothing to say, but Zhao Dong came up with a report from the Lishui Hotel since Jiao Yang took office. Although he has been in trouble since he became vice president of Hongyu Group, his achievements are also For all to see, he hopes that the board of directors will allow Jiao Yang to make merits and to bid as an ordinary team leader. The person from Hongyu blocked Jiaoyang’s office, and the following time Jiaoyang was cancelled as a vice president, working as an ordinary team leader with everyone, but Lin Miao and others were still very willing to be with him. Want to complete this work with Jiao Yang to help him return to the position of vice president. Lin Miao vacated an office space, Jiao Yang could only work there, the two were a little embarrassed.

Lin Weijun came to Su Chengjun and said they just lacked communication and wanted to get back together, but Su Chengjun refused to let her find a job and start a new life. Lin Miao asked Secretary Yan to hand over a document to Jiaoyang and went to the welfare home to take care of Grandma Chen. She said that the boy had confessed to her, but was expelled from the company because of a mistake at work. The proposal for public welfare was proposed by Su Chengjun. Lin Miao did not expect that he actually believed the wrong person and harmed Jiaoyang in vain. Jiao Yang waited for Lin Miao to go home in the living room. Lin Miao went to work in the study as soon as he went home. Jiao Yang persuaded her to sleep early but Lin Miao did not appreciate it.

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