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Love a Lifetime 暮白首 Episode 22 Recap

In the diplomatic world of Fengzhen, the forest is lush and the mist is lingering. A pair of lovers once promised life in his realm, and now they turn their faces here again and again. Rong Suo has been almost half off, but sees Lu Yizhou frowning, his voice cold and three points, first of all regrets should not lead her into the cabinet, so Ling Xu Pavilion was betrayed, and then there is still a little vain attempt, looking forward to Rong Suzi Proof of innocence.

The so-called truth, mixed with true and false, is a little difficult to distinguish, and blames the word trust. Rong Su was not good at refuting, and was silent in suspicion. His heart had already been distinguished from each other’s camp. It was completely different from the previous room, but he was not able to speak out.

Lu Yizhou was instantly irritated, and immediately beheaded several students of the Chinese characters, turned his wrist and attacked Rong Su, wielded his sword and scratched his arm, and passed the cover of the disciples of Ling Xu Pavilion. He left first and could not observe the strange look of the other party. When Lu Yizhou walked away completely, Rongzuo covered the wound and knelt on the ground, choking on blood, holding the collection of sunspots in his hands, relieved.

The carriage was destroyed, and Rong Jingfeng pursued and killed all the way. It was difficult to defeat the city master, and the wind fell frequently. In addition, the martial arts sent by the martial arts came. The gap between the two parties was very wide, and the result was obvious.

Just when Lin Jing and others were helpless, they suddenly saw the violent wind, Mo Xian flew over, and bluntly said that Rong Jingfeng’s villain’s actions, and even Rong Jing came forward to confirm Lin Jing’s innocence.

Rong Jingfeng struggled according to his reasoning, so that everyone listened to the beliefs, as well as crusade against spiritism. Mo Huan was very angry and smiled, waving a hand, and howling all over the place, even Rong Jingfeng was shattered, and it took only a long time for the poison to erode the body, the skin ulcerated, and there was no day to look up. .

After this battle, Longyin City suffered a lot of holes, and it was difficult to reorganize the forces of Jianghu due to the loss of Chihuazhu’s advantage. Rong Jingfeng was quite hit. Although Bai Zhi didn’t agree with the behavior of the city master, but still remembering his past sentiments, he still worked hard to develop an antidote for him. Unexpectedly, Rong Xu followed the instructions of the city master and willingly took the poison to blame Lingxu Pavilion, which made Bai Zhiyu feel angry and blamed for his filial piety and loyalty.

Xuan Ye heard that the city had undergone great changes one after another, and he couldn’t take the task seriously. He directly carried Liuli back to Xiaoxue Meng, and then returned to Longyin City. Liu Li jumped like thunder, complaining about Xuan Ye’s dead wood pimple, and swearing that he would no longer help him in making plans. Mo Huan speculates that the storm has risen and it is difficult to resurrect the tide, and the various schools of the lakes and lakes must be about to move, so he told Xiao Xuemeng to monitor the movement of Longyin City, and he must not let go of any clues.

Inside the Lingxu Pavilion, there are all kinds of purple scenery, happy windows and red candles, Feng Guanxia has been prepared, and Mei Xueman sent sincere blessings. The character is a thousand miles away from Mei Ying, so Rongyu could not bear to tell Longyin City to change. . However, Rong Jingfeng had a regenerative trick and wanted to create trouble with Mei Ying’s head. He simply arranged for Xuan Ye to lead the disciples of Kong Zi Tang to the south immediately and destroy the Mei family.

Lin Jing was seriously injured, but fortunately Mo Huan injected his true energy into his body to save his life. Lin Ruohan nurtured his fortune until his meridians were connected and the disorder calmed down.

The Master of the Pavilion turned into a crisis, and everyone was relieved. Lin Ruohan transferred the jade pendant left by her husband to Lin Jing. The meaning of the pea, hope him to have a safe season, and rejoice for the rest of his life. .

Mei Ying discovered that Rong Jingfeng had taken action and was afraid of it all day long. Not only did he reset the Meilin formation, but even the patrol manpower increased a lot. Mei Xueman received a letter from her genius, and was aware of the difference. Worried about her brother’s misfortune, she decided to go home first. Lin Jing persuaded her to stay in the pavilion to attend the wedding banquet. Lu Yizhou sent someone to investigate.

At the same time, Xuan Ye and others had already entered Meilin, and Rong Su went to help. Mei Ying heard the discoloration and hid in the forest.

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