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Love a Lifetime 暮白首 Episode 21 Recap

Lin Ruohan met Na Lanxi at that time, and admired with each other, and then eloped, reneged on spiritualism, Rong Jingfeng assumed the teacher’s will, actually won the Chi Huazhu, and ignored the lives of hundreds of people of the Nalan tribe, and finally failed to beheaded. Now that Lin Jing is in the dungeon, Rong Jingfeng sees the son of the enemy, not only does he have no regrets, but also breaks his ribs, and tortures him with poisonous insects.

The major masters were destroyed, and things were not trivial. Some sectarian disciples wanted to return to the house to inform them, unexpectedly that they had attacked halfway and lost to Liuli, and died. Xuan Ye peeped the disciples carrying the contents of the secret letter and learned that Longyin City had suffered recently, and temporarily changed the plan to return to the city, but Liuli immediately stopped him, indicating that the road was far away, even if he rushed back to Longyin City, he could only do nothing. , It is better to concentrate on completing the entrustment of the host.

Longyin City was heavily guarded, and the new character hall was still watching the wind town. Lu Yizhou heard the bad news, and quickly dispatched the disciples of Ling Xuge. He appeared in a hurry, then entered the city privately, and secretly met with Rongyu to discuss the rescue plan.

Rong Wei hadn’t seen Lin Jing for a long time. She didn’t eat for several days. Rong Su couldn’t bear her sister to hurt herself. So they arranged for the two to see each other. Mei Ying didn’t understand Rongsu’s intentions, but Rongsu let him take care of Rongyu and try his best to win the hearts of love. Moreover, he had previously placed heavy guards outside the prison and on the way out of the city, even if Rongyu tried to save Lin Jing, still Will be blocked and unable to leave the city.

The guards at the door withdrew and Rongyu went to prison successfully. Lin Jingqiang endured the bitterness of the poisonous insects and asked why Rongyu sold the Lingxu Pavilion, so that Lingxu Pavilion fell into jail. Rongyu was questioned because he was concerned, and any explanation was useless. He couldn’t help being frustrated, he paid the wrong thing seriously, and left in frustration.

When Rong Jingfeng heard the news, she saw her daughter’s disappointment, and mistakenly thought that she had completely let go. Rong Su was even more disappointed with Lin Jing. He blamed him for his lack of righteousness, and he was not worthy to be entrusted to life by Rong Si. Because Rong Su was advocating, Rong Jingfeng made a lot of noise and blamed him. Ziyan quickly helped him out and persuaded him to get rid of the punishment.

Since leaving jail, Rongyu’s health has been getting worse. Mei Yingte came to visit. One was to show her affection and willingness to help her rescue the young patriarch, and the other was to give peace of mind. Jing Feng said frankly that he hoped to form a good relationship with Rongjia. Rong Jingfeng has already formed an alliance, and is not afraid of allies fighting against the waters. Mei Ying invites him to join him, which is equivalent to adding Long Yin City and a capable cadre. At present, he is just recruiting Jianghu priests and taking advantage of this to attack Ling Xuge.

Bait threw the sea, led the fish to catch the hook, and at the last moment, he was accompanied by Mei Ying. Rong Wei pretended to bid farewell to Lin Jing. After Lin Jing stunned Mei Ying, the two rushed out of the dungeon and took a carriage to leave. Although he pretended to be a horseman, he was stopped by the face, and when he was deadlocked, Bai Zhi appeared to help him out of the city smoothly.

Knowing the truth, Rong Jingfeng was furious, and immediately ordered Rong Su to lead Lin Jing down and spread the message to the rivers and lakes, claiming that Ling Xu Ge was the rescuer of the young patriarch Na Lanyue, and he did not hesitate to hijack the second lady Rong Wei, while Long Yin City extended Justice, go to crusade in person.

Bai Zhilin helped Lin Jing to receive bone healing, followed by escorting them away from Tingfeng Town, staying in a safe place, and then saying goodbye, arranging Rongyu’s wedding day, gathering in Lingxu Pavilion for dinner. Lu Yizhou stayed in the inn in the town, holding a jade chess and waiting for Rong Su, led his disciples against the empty character hall, blocked the way, and delayed the time.

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