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Love a Lifetime 暮白首 Episode 20 Recap

Chihuazhu is the treasure of Longyin City, and the sea of ​​flowers is also a forbidden land of Longyin City. So far, the white masters have heard the misconceptions and misunderstood traps, all of which hurt the peace. If the city master refuses to apply medicine, it may be life-threatening. When everyone hesitated, Rong Su quickly returned to the city, and resolved the deadlock with two or two words, and was willing to wait for Chi Huazhu to bloom, and then let Kong Zitang lead you into the sea of ​​flowers to witness.

Because few people in the rivers and lakes have really seen Chi Huazhu, they may be allowed to make some changes before the head enters the sea of ​​flowers, temporarily covering their eyes and delaying for a while. Although the troubles have been dealt with right now, the development of the antidote is still a problem. Rong Suo has not yet found out how Lin Ruohan escaped Chihuazhu’s bite. He can think of the portrait of the woman in Mo Huan’s collection. After thinking twice, he decided to hide the matter.

After Rong Si and Lin Jing left, Lingxu Pavilion was also planning marriages. Lin Ruohan invited Mei Xueman to join the small gathering in the pavilion to co-sponsor the big ceremony. Mei Ying’s dissatisfaction, the seven clear reasons, expressed apology for the incident of burning Meilin before. Mei Xueman is pure and kind, even though she hasn’t given up her feelings for Nayue, she understands that the so-called blessing is fulfilled, and Mei Ying is not good to say anything. She only hopes that she can bring a generous gift into the cabinet on the day of the wedding of the young master.

It was learned that Nalan Cave was planted with Chihuazhu, Jingyuan turned around, and specially brought ice crystals from Beihuang to raise. Lu Yizhou saw that Jing Yuan was holding the cabinet master in danger, so he persuaded him to let go of his stubbornness, understand the cabinet master’s thoughts, and try to accept Rongyu. After all, the elders do not blame their children, even if the blood is vengeful, Rong Jingfeng does it alone. If Jing Yuan always looks at people with hatred and hatred, it is difficult to feel the goodwill of the other party, and no grievances will only last for a long time and it is difficult to sort out.

Lin Ruohan hoped that Xiaoxue League would secretly protect Lin Jing. The leader, Jin Que, heard that he was improperly responding to the request of his sister. He was immediately jealous, and was shocked by the cold sweat. He laughed again and again and hurriedly explained. Xuan Ye did not successfully trade with Xiaoxue Meng. After that, he stayed at the door for several days. He could not help Liuli to find a way to stay and weaken the power of Longyin City. As a result, Liuli had a plan and pretended to violate the alliance rules. To Xuan Ye’s affection, but never thought about it, he was so stunned with Xuan Ye.

Seeing that Chi Huazhu is about to blossom, Rong Jingfeng felt that Lin Jing had helped when Longyin City was in distress. Through Mei Ying’s suggestions, Lin Jing continued to act as the host of the new characters and led the leaders of the various schools into the sea of ​​flowers, and Rong Su led the students to guard outside the city to ensure foolproof.

On the day of entering the valley, Bai Zhizhu specially made soup and came to visit Lin Jing, and by the way, cleaned Lin Jing’s sleeping house again. Ziyan first set a lot of confusion in the forbidden flower sea, and then Mei Ying used the technique of Qimen Dunjia, which caused the hallucinations of all the heads to ensure that Chihuazhu was intact.

Originally everything went smoothly, but Lin Jing felt suddenly uncomfortable, and his whole body was paralyzed, and then Rong Jingfeng came to see him from the opposite side, sometimes phantom Lin Jing’s appearance, sometimes holding a sword and killing, when he tried to stay awake, he found the head of the crowd. Has been surrounded by the ring of fire and was brutally slaughtered.

Lin Jing couldn’t understand Rong Jingfeng’s intention of this move, until Rong Jingfeng explained the reason, only then did he realize it thoroughly. It turned out that before Rongyu and others returned to the city, Mei Ying was a comprehensive family for Baomei and specially told Rong Jingfeng of all the secrets of Ling Xuge. It is reported that Lin Jing is the son of Lanxi, Rong Jingfeng decided to set up this bureau, first medicine in the soup soup of Baizhi, and then direct the disaster to Lingxu Pavilion, to keep the reputation of Longyin City from being spared Rumors and betrayal.

None of the seven heads were spared. Only one of them escaped and met Rong Suo and others in time. All the disciples of the school sent their fingers to anger, surrounded the forbidden area, and vowed to severely punish the murderers and return to justice. Rongbo firmly believed that Lin Jing was being blamed by others. He wanted his father to show mercy on his behalf, and hoped that his father would be merciful. Rongsu would not help others. He knew who he was doing, and still blamed Rongyu for facing his identity and handing over Lin Jing.

Ziyan and Bai couldn’t clearly explain Lin Jing’s guilt, so he deliberately stepped forward to grab his weapon and fight for the right time. Although Rong Jingfeng was cruel, but after all, he was a father. Looking at his daughter so begging, he couldn’t help but feel a little soft-hearted, so he had to put down his sword, temporarily put Lin Jing in the dungeon, and promised everyone that he would find out the truth. Pavilion, offering sacrifices to the spirits of the heavenly masters.

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