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Love a Lifetime 暮白首 Episode 19 Recap

Xuan Ye was instructed to come to Xiaoxuemeng, and hoped that Xiaoxuemeng would block the news in time and calm the storm. However, Xiaoxuemeng has certain rules to refrain from making a second transaction with the same guest. Moreover, Longyin City had lost its trust first, and even if it was offset by heavy money, Liuli could not accept it, and temporarily refused.

When Rong Su left Lingxu Pavilion, Lu Yizhou was unhappy, and Lin Jing was busy comforting his good brother, while he went to the cave to supervise Rong Wei and study his mind. Lin Ruohan knew that Lin Jing didn’t like Jingyuan, but because his husband had to fight to save Jingyuan and others, he just wanted to continue the blood of Nalan and restore the reputation of Nalan. Moreover, Longyin City has not been removed, spiritual education is making waves, and if you want to fight against it, you need to get an independent ally and completely draw Jingyuan.

Seeing that Nalan Cave is cold and the season temperature is more like the north, Rong Si planted Chihuazhu here and guided the seeds in a wise manner, hoping that it could grow up quickly and grow flowers as soon as possible. Lin Jing has never seen Rong Si so cute, he can’t help but be joking around, and because Rong Si has often studied the mentality in recent days, he simply asked to compare.

As the mind method is suitable for the cultivation of people with body cold, Rongyu is extremely enlightened, and the pavilion master gives guidance from the side, but how long it takes to make all the meridians in the body through, the internal force has improved rapidly. Fortunately, Ronghua’s luck and condense are not yet mature, Lin Jing barely escaped the disaster and was not injured, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable.

Mo Huan heard the news privately into Lingxu Pavilion. Rongyu didn’t know the true and true face. He wanted to try it out. How could he expect the other party’s actions to be ghostly and tricky. If it wasn’t intentional humility, he would fear blood splashing on the spot. Rongyu has different temperaments, and Mo Huan appreciates them very much. Immediately teaching her three tricks, she earnestly contemplates her skills and puts her in the public. If Rongyu can do it in one point, she can point out one or two later.

Lin Jing heard Wen Rongyu explain that Mo Huan was still in the Lingxu Pavilion, so he hurried to the main room of the Pavilion and saw his mother standing beside Mo Huan. The intention of Mo Huan was unknown, Lin Jing spoke badly, and was almost injured. Lin Ruohan made a guilt until Mo Huan left, and then he was alert and arranged for his disciples to guard Ling Xuge.

Knowing that Longyin City was in deep confinement, Rongyu, as a daughter of the Rong family, could not sit back and watch. She first took Lu Yizhou to Nalan Cave to explain how to take care of Chihuazhu, and then asked Lu Yizhou to pay attention to the matter, and used the northern ice crystals as the material to speed up the growth of Chihuazhu.

Lin Jing did not want Rongyu to be in danger alone, and refused to let go of life and death. Moreover, the countermeasures needed to be reconsidered, indicating that he was prepared properly and returned to Longyin City at all times. However, Rong Si had already made up his mind. Because of Lin Jing’s firm attitude, he was soft for a while. When he was at night, he packed his luggage secretly and left a letter.

That night, Lin Jing had trouble sleeping and happened to see the figure outside the door. He knew Rongxi wanted to say goodbye, but he still had a leeway in her heart, hoping that she could open the door and tell her. It’s a pity that Rongli didn’t do what she wanted. Lin Jing was both annoyed and worried. After some enlightenment from Lin Ruohan, he was relieved and quickly caught up with Rongli and accompanied her to leave Lingxu Pavilion.

At the same time, the masters gathered in Longyin City, and Rong Jingfeng came forward to treat him. In the face of doubt, he was still at ease, claiming that Jianghu Xiaoxiao had coveted Chi Huazhu for a long time, deliberately spreading rumors, which may be ulterior motives. Although Rong Jingfeng attempted to dispel everyone’s concerns, there were still some unbelievers who asked Rong Jingfeng to take everyone into the sea of ​​flowers to prove innocence.

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