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Love a Lifetime 暮白首 Episode 18 Recap

Although the puffer fish is ugly, Lin Jing is kind-hearted and angry, and how can the brotherly love of more than ten years be broken. Lu Yizhou hoped that Lin Jing would defend Lingxu Pavilion instead of himself. He believed that time would come before he would return. Lin Jing was filled with emotions and turned into a word. He spread his arms and asked for hugs. Until Lin Jingzhu Dong.

As an elder, Lin Ruohan invited Rong Suge to gather together. Rong Si learned that he was very pleased. When he went to Houshan to dig bamboo shoots to prepare meals, he was intercepted by Jing Yuan and his face was bad. As a member of the Lan tribe, Jing Yuan was incompatible with Longyin City. At first, Lin Jing despised Lin Jing to marry the daughter of the enemy, but now he meets Rongyu, who wants to take his life and fill his heart with hatred.

With the long sword approaching, Rong Si gradually remembered the martial arts spectrum taught by Lin Jing, which was vivid in his eyes. Jing Yuan was slightly surprised, and then adjusted his state, then the offensive turned sharply, and his shot was sharp and quick. Only three or two times, Ronghua was beaten back a few meters away.

Lin Jing came in a hurry, flew to catch Rongyu, and fell to the cliff with her. After the two awakened, they found that they were in a dark cave and there was nothing in them. Only the walls were engraved with inner power, which caused Lin Jing to be deeply curious and marveled at Lingxu Pavilion for many years. I never knew that Lingxu Pavilion had such a secret place.

After Lu Yizhou and Rong Suo agreed to see the pavilion leader, they met by the sunset and left together. Rong Su silently promised, so he went to visit him, a pair of loving people, Lang Cai female posture, Lin Ruohan was quite comfortable, specially presented a good jade chess. The pavilion host was kind, but she was disrespectful. When chatting with her, she looked at her face, and trancely remembered that she had witnessed the portrait of this person in the spiritual field in her childhood. Although she did not know the details, she was highly valued by Mo Huan.

Rong Suo opened the door and showed his intentions, asking for a solution to the medicine. Lin Ruohan avoided the topic ingeniously, and asked Rong Suo between Longyin City and Lu Yizhou, whichever was more important. Lin Ruohan raised Lu Yizhou to grow up, treating him like a child, knowing his gentle personality, and seemingly contented and optimistic. In fact, he never opened the atrium, let alone who he loved. Until he met Rong Su, his smile was more than ever. .

Lin Ruohan clicked on Rong Su’s heart, hoping that she could let go of the past and save herself, only love and tolerance, regardless of status and rights. Words such as lingering blades and tactful sharpness not only opened up all the illusions of peace, but also counted the bloody facts one by one, making Rong Su a little hesitant. Just when I did not know how to respond, Lu Yizhou suddenly ran to inform Rong Wei that he was missing.

The caves overlapped with cold air and attacked from the surrounding area like bone maggots. Lin Jing and Rong Wei looked everywhere for an exit, and accidentally entered a side ice cave. A corpse was placed in the middle of the body and the body was cold. Rong Si guessed that his predecessor was born with bone cold, which is different from ordinary people, and it must be related to the mind on the wall. As soon as the voice fell, he heard the call from the disciples of Ling Xu Pavilion outside the cave. Lin Jing and Rong Wei chased away and finally got rid of the predicament.

Cang Qi was instructed to send Jingyuan to leave the Lingxu Pavilion, but as soon as halfway through, he heard the sound of the wind on his ear, and a glory emerged from the sleeve, struck by air. Lin Jing narrowed his eyes narrowly, murderously, and carried his sword to Jingyuan, striking at both ends, regardless of up and down, until Lin Ruohan rushed to stop, angered the two undead rivals, but vented his anger and fought privately. Trying to hurt Rongyu.

The Jingyuan matter was handled properly, and Lin Jing returned to the cave with Lin Ruohan. Looking at the surrounding layout and corpses, Lin Ruohan was overjoyed, saying that the ancestor had said that the ancestor of Lan had accidentally entered the cave due to chance, and was fortunate to practice here. Because the cave address was mysterious, nobody found it, even she had not been in Lingxu Pavilion for many years. turn up. Lin Jing suddenly realized that the predecessor of the corpse was Na Lan’s ancestor. The cold body was not from the body, but from the cultivation of the mind.

Long Yincheng was in deep trouble, and the destruction of Chi Huazhu had been disseminated. Rong Su was uneasy, and ordered Xuan Ye to go to Xiaoxuemeng for help and block the news in time. Immediately, Rongsu turned to look at Lingxu Pavilion, and then immediately glanced back to his gaze, just as Lin Ruohan said, Rongsu’s resignation was obviously too heavy to bear, and he was going to be both parties. The victory or defeat is exhausted.

At sunset, the east wind was blowing against the water, the lake ripples were slightly raised, and Lu Yizhou stood on the shore and waited until the sky was late. It was still a wooden hull and only a lone horse. Rong Su missed the appointment. Lu Yizhou knew that she should have something difficult to say. She was open-minded and a little worried in her eyes. She added a little firmness and promised that she would still wait here every year in the future until the lady went to the appointment.

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