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Love a Lifetime 暮白首 Episode 17 Recap

Rongyu was able to quickly gain a foothold in Lingxu Pavilion, but had to take a chance. These original medicines were originally used from Longyin City for self-defense. They never wanted to hit them by mistake and come in handy.

Although the instantaneous damage is not beneficial, the food will hurt and the life will be dead, but fortunately, the Rongji people have their own appearance, and after a few days of rehabilitation, they will be able to restore their minds and look better. Because Rongli was sick in the pavilion and was bored, Lin Jing carefully prepared small gifts for her. The gift was not expensive. It was a white clay little man, which could prevent Lin Jing from being sincere, plus the little man pinched according to Rongli, Very lovable.

The Mei family looked down and waited outside, waiting for the door. Lu Yizhou heard the news. He was both happy and shocked, and the joy came to visit, alleviating the pain of his lovesickness; the shock was that Mei Ying was alone and proud, how could he be willing to lead the way, besides Ling Xu Ge held the secrets of Nalan’s family for decades and never allowed outsiders to get involved.

Not long after Rongyu came to Lingxu Pavilion, she almost lost her life and built a meager trust with everyone. Now that Rongsu came on behalf of Longyin City, it will inevitably make Lingxuge disciples add revenge and hatred, and even cause no small fluctuations. Lin Jingnian and at this point, hurriedly sent Lu Yizhou to meet him personally, and set up a house in a secluded place for hospitality. Rong Su was dissatisfied. He believed that Ling Xu Pavilion deliberately refused people for thousands of miles. Contradictions and dispel doubts.

Lin Ruohan first passed on Ren Jingyuan, the head of the Lan family, and then returned to the cabinet. He was relieved to learn about what Rin Hua had done in recent days. Although she had a bloody hatred with Rong Jingfeng, but thanks to the help of Rongguo’s mother, she was able to avoid the disaster, but the roots and roots were involved, and it was difficult to explain in the end.

The so-called grievances are not as good as those of the children. Lin Ruohan appreciates pure people, so he simply gave the deep-hearted method to Rongyu, and urged related matters. Rong Wei speculated that the elder sister came to visit the grounds, secretly investigating the Chihuazhu antidote, and now the sea of ​​flowers is overwhelming, and Lin Ruohan still has a stubborn illness, so he actively asked to study the medicine and help him cure it.

The disciple of Lingjiao did not return home. Jin Que was ordered to investigate and found that his disciples were poisoned by Lin Ruohan. Although it is difficult to understand the sister as a person, I urge my wife Jin Que to help conceal it temporarily. The leader of Xiaoxuemeng was not in the door. Mo Huan saw that Liuli was clever and cleverly ordered her to spread Chihuazhu on the rivers and lakes to be destroyed. There would be no cure for it.

Lu Yizhou prepared the edible noodles carefully, and wanted to make him happy, and then took her to visit the beautiful scenery, and then told her heart, willing to wait for the rock, if if Rong Su wanted to put down the merits and demerits, abandon the battle between rivers and lakes, he would grow old with his hand. , The years are quiet. Rong Su heard a confession, and his heart gradually became turbulent, especially seeing her sister Rong Si and Lin Jing’s happy and loving, uncontested appearance, I didn’t feel very envious.

Lu Yizhou believed that the love in his heart would not give up easily. He was willing to follow Rong Suo to return to Longyin City, but he was afraid that he would be rejected by the Patriarch. After all, Rong Suo was not the same as Rongyu. The growth experience is turning point, the way of doing things is clever, and even the character is consistent with Rong Jingfeng. When Lu Yizhou was ready to bear the punishment, Lin Ruohan did not care about it, but he was willing to complete it. Instead, Lin Jing obstructed it and revealed dissatisfaction in his speech.

Lin Jing counted the shortcomings of his longevity, almost exhausted all his vocabulary, and even complained about Lu Yizhou’s cold blood and mercilessness. Lu Yizhou sneered at the lips, even claiming to be indifferent, almost turning Lin Jingqi into a puffer fish.

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