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Burning 燃烧 Episode 51 End Recap

In the thirty-one years of escape, Xu Jiafu was deceived by Zhao Yue’e and mistakenly believed that his hands were contaminated with murder, so he smuggled into another country and hid in another country. To this day, Shi Lei took the wanted warrant for 1986 and looked at the four characters “absconding with money” on it. Xu Jiafu was as unacceptable as being struck by lightning. The so-called murderer, from the point of view of the moment, is actually a scene. A farce of self-deception.

Zhou Wei, as the forensic doctor who opened the coffin for an autopsy in 1995, also committed a big lie in this important forensic. Feng Kai wondered why Zhao Yuee would take a dangerous game and finally chose Zhou Wei. However, Zhao Yuee was adopted since childhood. Naturally understanding the situation under the fence is easy to break Zhou Wei’s psychological defense.

Xu Jiatong arranged for Xu Songlin to hijack Liu Qingye, and sent the video to Gao Feng, so that he came to meet at Yundu Mountain where the two of them often go. When Feng Kai learned of this, he hurriedly deployed snipers to hide near Yundu Mountain to do a good job of deployment and control, waiting for a favorable opportunity.

Gao Feng came alone, and begged Liu Qingye to leave first. Xu Jiatong had no intention of hurting anyone. The reason for this arrangement was to see Gao Feng again. Xu Jiatong personally loosened the tie for Liu Qingye. Liu Qingye hugged Gao Feng tightly and told him to pay attention to his safety. Gao Feng repeatedly assured him. After seeing Liu Qingye leave, he immediately persuaded Xu Jiatong to surrender.

However, Xu Jiatong did not want to escape, but walked to the edge of the cliff with a wry smile, thanking each other for the first time; also thanking Gao Feng for his company; and thanking him for being willing to help himself. It’s just that there is no regret medicine in life. Since he can’t find a way back, Xu Jiatong wants to make another choice, not for others, only for himself.

As soon as the voice fell, Xu Jiatong fell back to the cliff, ending her ridiculous life. Suffering from pain, Xu Songlin drew his gun and pointed it at Gao Feng. The sniper crouched nearby seized the opportunity and shot him to death.

Although justice is late, the crime will eventually come to an end. Zhao Yuee and Xu Jiafu were arrested according to law. Xu Jun, on behalf of Longxing Group, negotiated with Manchester AJ to terminate the contract and pay liquidated damages.

One year later, Fang Feiyu Feng Kai ran and talked about his belief in applying for the Public Security University. Kim Jae-yong resigned from the Nanguo Police Department and started a detective agency in partnership with Kim Jae-yong. Since Liu Yeqing established a romantic relationship with Gao Feng, it didn’t take long for him to be pregnant with the baby. The happy event is approaching.

At the inauguration ceremony of the new police officer, Gao Feng officially returned to the police force and took the place of everyone to speak on stage. But when standing in front of the microphone, many familiar images gradually appeared in his mind, bit by bit, vividly remembered.

Gao Feng was born in a family of police officers. His grandfather Gao Sihai has 26 years of police experience, of which 15 years worked as a forensic doctor and 11 years as a director of the archives. Until he contracted Alzheimer’s disease, he still did not forget an old age Old case.

It is precisely because of this case that during the 236 days when Gao Feng took off his police uniform, he thoroughly understood his grandfather’s suffering and his father’s persistence; he also understood the weight and meaning of the five words “Xu Jiafu did not die”; Understand that police uniforms represent a glorious dream and carry pain and humiliation. We must shed blood and sacrifice for the police, protect the justice of the society, uphold the dignity for the law, and enjoy the peace of the world.

In the short and significant two hundred and thirty-six days, when the police uniform is put on again, it is a lifelong promise. Gao Feng will continue to carry the spirit of his grandfather and father, with loyalty as his faith, and pass on forever. An oath to pay tribute to the people’s police’s just determination.

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