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Burning 燃烧 Episode 50 Recap

Long Jun sneaked into the ward to meet Cui Tianxing, and took him away when no one was paying attention. Cui Zhiyou was worried about rebirth and hurriedly told Kim Jae-yong to return to the hospital for care, but when Kim Jae-yong rushed into the ward, he found that Cui Tianxing had been transferred away. Before Long Jun went out of the hospital, he saw Jin Jae-yong chasing him. The hallway of the hospital immediately shot loudly. Although Jin Jae-yong shot many shots, he eventually shot Long Jun and others to death. The police also came at this moment to prevent Cui Tianxing from fleeing.

Gao Feng saw a novel in Xu Jun’s study. He remembered that Xu Jiatong had told himself a story about the coyote’s pursuit of freedom and faith. It happened that Xu Jun had just returned from the police station, and he sighed about how his mother managed to conceal himself. Gao Feng did not hide it directly, but frankly said that Zhou Wei helped Zhao Yue’e. He entrusted Xu Jun to stay at home and waited for his daughter Xu Jiatong to return. Xu Jun was deeply moved and thanked Gao Feng for trusting him.

Xu Jiatong returned home accompanied by Xu Songlin and proposed to take his father Xu Jun abroad. Knowing that his daughter was threatened by Zhao Yue’e, Xu Jun persuaded Xu Jiatong to surrender and strive for leniency. Moreover, the country has launched fox hunting and Skynet operations. Even if he runs away now, he will be caught sooner or later. Xu Jiatong is not in the mood to discuss right or wrong with his father Xu Jun. He only knows that Xu Jun is the most beloved person in his life, and only hopes to take good care of him in the days to come.

Under the pretext of consideration, Xu Jun deliberately distracted Xu Jiatong. While she was waiting outside the door, Xu Jun thought twice and decided to righteously destroy her relatives. However, when Xu Jun just dialed Gao Feng’s phone and intended to inform Gao Feng to come and arrest him, Xu Jiatong suddenly rushed into the house, walked over with his father in grief and anger, and told him to take good care of himself, and then left.

Xu Jun couldn’t bear the pain of losing a daughter, so he sat on the ground directly, Gao Feng listened to the whole process on the phone, and hurried to Xu’s house. After hearing the news, Liu Qingye came and found that the surveillance of the community had been destroyed, and the vehicle and whereabouts of Xu Jiatong could not be found after searching the surrounding area. Feng Kai was worried that Gao Feng was Xu Jiatong’s next goal, so he first protected Gao Feng and at the same time sent police officers to protect Gao Sihai.

Gao Feng refused the proposal and decided to move to a nursing home to live with his grandfather. That night, Shen Chaoying came to visit Gao Sihai, and knelt by the bedside to replace Zhou Wei to apologize, begging Gao Sihai to forgive and forgive him. After all, Zhou Wei really loved the father of Gao Sihai and appeared when he was the weakest and helpless. Experience the endless warmth and become indispensable in life.

The Southern Police conducted a DNA test on Cui Tianxing and Xu Jun and confirmed that the probability of their father-son relationship is 99.9%, which means that Cui Tianxing is Xu Jiafu. After the Criminal Investigation Brigade heard the news, everyone cheered. Liu Yeqing called Gao Feng the first time. Gao Feng immediately turned on his mobile phone and turned on the hands-free. Gao Sihai, who was unconscious, suddenly moved his fingers, seeming to return to the time he was on the battlefield. Picture.

At that time, Zhou Jicheng was seriously injured, and Gao Sihai, who was the captain of the medical team, wanted to carry him out. Unexpectedly, Zhou Jicheng refused to live or die. Instead, he entrusted his 11-year-old son Zhou Wei to Gao Sihai. Now after thirty-one years, after three generations, Xu Jiafu is finally arrested in the South. With the last breath of support to the present Gao Sihai, he can finally pass away with peace of mind.

The police showed Zhao Yue’e the forensic report, which prevented her from making sophistry. When Xu Jiafu woke up, he was cross-examined and admitted that he followed Jin Sen in April 1991, first used drugs to make Jin Sen willing to do things, and then killed Cui Tianxing. Order people to blow up the Nandongman Plastic Surgery Clinic. Later, Xu Jiafu went to Japan with his bodyguards, creating the illusion that Cui Tianxing was in exile in Japan. He did not return to the southern country until 1992, and issued a statement in front of the media, and since then quit the Pai Yao Gang.

Shi Lei went to the southern country to record Xu Jiafu’s crime, and found that the accidental killings that Xu Jiafu confessed did not match the case file, so he called Feng Kai. Since Xu Jiafu did not kill in Xinxiang, Feng Kai asked why Zhao Yuee deceived Xu Jiafu and pushed him into the fire pit.

Feng Kai’s question made Zhao Yue’e gradually fall into memory, saying that she and her husband Xu Jiafu set up a business in Xucun that year, not only helped the whole village solve economic problems, but also distributed the 400,000 yuan in profit to the villagers. Later, Longxing Textile Factory was rated as an excellent enterprise, and even Xu Jiafu became an excellent village party secretary.

He smiled flattering everywhere he went. But when these villagers knew that Xu Jiafu had escaped with 400,000 yuan, they instantly became ungrateful, like a hungry wolf. , I can’t wait to take the Xu family’s skin and bones to draw blood, squeezing it out.

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