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Well Dominated Love 奈何boss又如何 Episode 14 Recap

Zhao Yuanfang was shocked when he learned that Yan Jing had forgotten Nie Xingchen again, and persuaded Nie Xingchen to resign as soon as possible not to waste time on Yan Jing, but Nie Xingchen said that he would not give up Yan Jing this time, and even rejected Zhao Yuanfang’s The invitation for dinner and the plan to work overtime in the archives made Zhao Yuanfang very puzzled. He felt that the two of them were absolutely crazy and stupid.

Tong Xin came to Jinghai Hospital to apologize to Han Ziyu. Han Ziyu generously expressed her forgiveness and told Tong Xin that she did not contact her because she heard that she had been working overtime recently, and the two were reconciled again. Nie Xingchen carefully carried out the classification work in the archives room, and Yan Jing went to the archives room to retrieve it personally because he needed nearly ten years of economic decision-making data.

But when Yan Jing arrived in the archives room, she was almost kicked by Nie Xingchen’s shoes. Yan Jing told her directly about the information she needed. Nie Xingchen moved to the chair and stood high to take the files on the bookcase. , I didn’t know that one accidentally almost fell, but fortunately Yan Jing hugged her, and this was done. But something bad, the buttons of Nie Xingchen’s clothes fell off, and Yan Jing took off his suit to cover her embarrassment. Nie Xingchen secretly competed with him, saying that he would definitely find Yan Jing back.

The next day, Yan Jing brought his suit to look for Yan Jing, but she was blocked by Jin Beina. Nie Xingchen had no choice but to give up when she saw that the other person was so determined, but afterwards, she waited again for the elevator entrance where Yan Jing often came and went. However, Yan Jing declined him again, and told Jin Beina to transfer the clothes to her. Bored, Nie Xingchen was eating instant noodles in the archives. Manager Wu of the real estate department called to tell her that the welfare room was in place. It turned out that Yan Jing gave her a special internal welfare room for employees when she had not lost her memory. It’s next door to Yan Jing’s residence. After Nie Xingchen learned about it, he returned to his original residence without saying a word, packed his daily luggage, moved directly to the new house, and started his plan to find Yan Jing.

In the new house, there is the living environment that Yan Jing has carefully arranged for her, and there is a group photo of the last starry confession on the bedside, although I feel a little disappointed. Coincidentally, Zhao Yuanfang called and Nie Xingchen told him that he planned to approach Yan Jing again as a stranger. Nie Xingchen happened to ran into Yan Jing when she returned to the company. Yan Jing planned to dismiss her because she did not write a leave form, but was rejected by Nie Xingchen righteously.

After get off work, Nie Xingchen cleaned up his new home inside and out. When taking a bath, he accidentally connected Spikes to Yan Jing’s home. This made Yan Jing very distressed, and he couldn’t rest for a good night’s sleep. I had no choice but to shoot Nie Xingchen’s door. In order to prevent Yan Jing from recognizing herself, Nie Xingchen deliberately applied a mask on her face and lied that she was called Coco.

Since then, Nie Xingchen secretly prepared a delicious breakfast for Yan Jing every day. Nie Xingchen was suddenly handed over to the office by Yan Jing. After understanding and knowing that it was because of file optimization, Nie Xingchen originally thought that he would deal with the matter for himself, but Yan Jing gave the follow-up work to others, which made Nie The stars were a little dumbfounded. Because Yan Jing kept receiving breakfast, her heart was somewhat ups and downs, so she asked Jin Beina to prepare a gift for herself as a gift.

Tong Xin came to Han Ziyu’s office and found that Doctor Bai was helping Han Ziyu sew buttons. Tong Xin eagerly wanted to step forward to help, but he accidentally injured Doctor Bai. The three of them invited to dinner together. At the dinner table, Tong Xin looked at Doctor Bai and Han Ziyu in a very tacit understanding, and felt a little lost. Tong Xin took advantage of the gap between Doctor Bai to go to the bathroom and asked Han Ziyu about the standards for girls, and told Han Ziyu that she would work hard.

When Nie Xingchen went home, Yan Jing suddenly knocked on the door. Nie Xingchen, who had been in anxious life, accidentally slapped her foot. After opening the door, Yan Jing hugged her onto the sofa. Yan Jing smelled the fragrance of rosemary on her head. Because Nie Xingchen was wearing a facial mask, Yan Jing didn’t recognize her, but she still realized that she was very familiar with this girl who called herself Cocoa. Zhen Nian received a set of gowns, mistakenly thought it was Party A’s father who sent it, so she asked the agent to wear them to the reception.

Nie Xingchen came to the president’s office and learned that Yan Jing was going to the reception, so he thought about it and called Zhao Yuanfang. Nie Xingchen and Zhao Yuanfang came to the reception together.

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