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Oops! The King is in Love 愿我如星君如月 Episode 18 Recap

The crazy Taoist saw Yan Jinxia’s portrait of Yan Jinhua with great emotion. Yan Jin felt that he could not protect Yan Zhixia, and he blamed himself. The mad Taoist comforted him and asked him to find the birth mother and guards as soon as possible. Lin Yanqing came to Yan Zhixia. Yan Zhixia told him that love and affection are different, she just regarded him as an elder brother. Lin Yanqing did not force and agreed to retire, but he said that Yan Zhixia and the emperor could not be together.

Yan Zhixia felt that Yan Jin had something to hide from her and wanted to get into the palace. The subordinate told Gong Ye that Ye Luming was in Beijing to check the customs and live in the post. The subordinates proposed to remove Yeluming, but Gong Ye disagreed. If Yeluming died, the border pass would be messed up, and he would not be able to make it. However, Gong Ye could not allow Yeluming to form an alliance with Yan Jin. He let his subordinates who acted as Yanjin go down and assassinate Yeluming, making them suspicious.

Yan Zhixia pretends to be a Yeluming guard and mixes in. She just broke through the assassination of Ye Yeming under Gong Ye’s subordinates. She quickly stated that she was sent by Yan Jin to protect Ye Luming, helping Yan Jin to get rid of the misunderstanding. Ye Luming also knew that something was wrong, and asked her to send a letter to Gong Zhiyue. Gong Zhiyue went back to her room and saw the letter.

Ye Luming was going back, and came to Yan Jin to say something. He came to offer three border cities this time, and Yan Jin gave him back, saying they were not theirs, and they would not ask for it. Gong Ye asked the Empress Dowager to think twice. Yan Jin said that people would praise the Empress Dowager, and the ministers also agreed, and the Empress Dowager could only agree. Ye Luming and Yan Jin formed an alliance and opened the three border cities. Gong Ye looked very depressed. Yan Jin said that Yeluming gave three golden lions to the queen mother, and he sent three golden unicorns in return.

Gong Ye came to find the Empress Dowager and felt that Yan Jin was becoming more and more difficult to control. The Empress Dowager felt that the most important thing now was the marriage between the Emperor and Gong Zhiyue. When Yan Jin returned to the palace and saw Gong Zhiyue coming to him, Gong Zhiyue asked whether Yan Jin had her in her heart and was willing to hand over the city for her. Yan Jin said that she had always regarded her as her sister, but she would not use her sister’s lifelong event Make a bet. Gong Zhiyue was very sad.

Ye Luming saw the note in Qilin, and came to meet Yan Jin in the outskirts of the city. Ye Luming mentioned Yan Zhixia. Yan Jin knew that Yan Zhixia had done so much for him silently. When the spies came to report that the Mosaic army had passed the border, Gong Ye said that he was constantly injured and sick, and he could not go out. Lin Yanqing wanted to go on the expedition, Yan Jin stopped him, he had other things he needed to do, let Lin Yanqing go to the public to give Gong Ye a momentum.

The queen mother called Gong Ye, and felt that only he could go on the expedition. Gong Ye took the opportunity to get the queen’s military power. All this is Yan Jin’s strategy. After all, the queen mother is the queen mother. To deal with her, the world will feel that the emperor is not filial. Now that she has no rights, it is not enough. As for Gong Ye, when he came back from the border, the capital had already changed.

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