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Oops! The King is in Love 愿我如星君如月 Episode 17 Recap

The subordinates did not understand why Ye Luming would agree to come to Dongsheng. In fact, Yeluming knew that even if he had been fighting, but he had robbed some cities, it would be better to have a good relationship with Dongsheng. Ye Luming kept writing love letters to give Gong Zhiyue, which made her very upset.

The mad Taoist met with Yan Jin and was very happy to know that Yelv Ming had settled down. He reminded Yan Jin again that he could not leave Yan Zhixia with him. Yan Jin said he would handle it. Yan Jin showed the sachet to the lunatic Taoist. The lunatic Taoist found that the embroidery workers were all the same, and there was only one person who had such skill for so many years. Yan Jin began to doubt the events of that year, but Grandpa Hai died, feeling that there were other hidden feelings, and the clues were broken.

Yan Jin and the mad Taoist went to Haigong’s residence and found a blank spirit position. Yan Jin found a list in the secret grid, and the mad Taoist found that these people, like him, used to be Weilong guards around Xiandi. When the Emperor Xiandi died, they disappeared mysteriously. There has been no news in these years. They vowed to be loyal to the Emperor, and their martial arts were even higher than those of mad Taoists. Yan Jin felt that they might have been sent by the first emperor to protect the biological mother, and Grandpa Hai was secretly investigating. The crazy Taoist said that the apprentices of these people are now distributed in the army. If so, they can find a part of the army by finding Yan Jin’s mother and escort.

Grandma explored the residence of Grandpa Hai and met Xiao Linzi. Xiao Linzi searched here for a few days and found no clue. Grandma asked Xiao Linzi to check with her at Sanbao’s residence, and found the bra wrapped in it, only to know that Sanbao was a woman. The queen mother knew Yan Zhixia’s identity and was very angry. Princess Anle heard it in the queen mother’s palace. Unexpectedly, things became like this. She quickly came to tell Yan Jin.

Yan Jin rushed to the Empress Dowager to protect Yan Zhixia and said that she would drive her out and marry Gong Zhiyue. The Queen Mother had to agree. Yan Jin asked Lin Yanqing to bet with him and said that he would marry Gong Zhiyue and let him take Yan Zhixia back. Yan Zhixia and Lin Yanqing went out of the palace to play, and brought back a lot of delicious and interesting things to Yan Jin, but they were stopped at the gate by Da Zhang and Dayang. Yan Zhixia was sad and left, puzzled.

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