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Oops! The King is in Love 愿我如星君如月 Episode 16 Recap

Gong Zhiyue was very sad. She knew in her heart that this was just an excuse for the emperor. The queen mother is also very angry, but the state affairs are great, and she has no reason to object. Gong Ye didn’t expect that Ye Luming would come suddenly. Now Yan Jin’s wings are getting harder and harder, which is forcing him to shoot.

Yan Jin went back to the court to meet Yelv Ming. Yan Zhixia realized that this was arranged by Yan Jin. Fortunately, Yan Yihang caught up, otherwise he didn’t know what to do. Yan Jin said that state affairs are as important as Yan Zhixia’s. This time, the election of concubines will be taken into account. In the future, they will still have many difficulties to face together. Yan Zhixia remembered what Gong Zhiyue said, if her identity is discovered, her life is small, and people in the world want to see the emperor, she begins to doubt.

Yan Jin took a banquet with the empress and a group of ministers to greet Yelu Ming. Ye Luming wanted to meet his friends with Wu and learn from Yan Jin. Yan Jin said to the outside world that he would not use force. When in embarrassment, Gong Zhiyue came forward to discuss with Ye Luming. Ye Luming didn’t expect to see someone she liked here, but she was surprised.

The two countries wanted to have peace talks. Ye Luming proposed to make a marriage. Princess Anle suddenly became angry, saying that he already had a candidate for a horse and would not go to a marriage. Yan Jin took the opportunity to propose Lin Yanqing’s case, and also came up with a document to pass the enemy. Ye Luming smiled at first glance, saying that the document did indeed look very similar, but Wang Yin was accidentally removed a corner by him a while ago. The seal on this document is complete and is a fake old seal.

Ye Luming said that Gong Zhiyue was the best choice in his heart, and Gong Ye was furious. Ye Luming brought three gifts to the Queen Mother. He also said that the craftsman made a mistake. One of them was only silver-plated and had a slightly different weight. I hope they can find it without a scale. Ye Luming wanted to raise a bet. The bet was Gong Zhiyue. Unexpectedly, Gong Ye was willing to bet, making Gong Zhiyue very worried. Fortunately, Yan Jin was unwilling, he would rather leave the three border cities.

Lin Yanqing was proved innocent, and Yan Jin was very happy, letting him release him and come to solve this problem. Lin Yanqing asked for a pot of water and a scoop, and put the golden lions on the scoops one by one, and found that the degree of sinking was the same, indicating that all three were golden lions. Princess Anle came to Lin Yanqing. Lin Yanqing said that she already had a marriage contract and did not dare to climb Princess Gao.

Princess Anle was unwilling to follow Lin Yanqing secretly, but saw him meeting with Yan Zhixia, knowing Yan Zhixia’s identity, and knowing the marriage contract, and was very dissatisfied. Yan Zhixia quickly said that he regarded Lin Yanqing as his brother, and absolutely had no idea. Yan Jin also expressed his intentions, Princess Anle decided to hide for them, so that Yan Zhixia must not be close to Lin Yanqing.

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