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Oops! The King is in Love 愿我如星君如月 Episode 15 Recap

Yan Zhixia and Yan Jin returned to the palace. She used to be as free as she could because the emperor was the most free. Now she only knows that they also have a lot of troubles. The Empress Dowager found that Grandpa Hai did not return. Yan Zhixia talked about her life experience, she grew up with her mother, and later inexplicably had a father, entered the Shang Shufu.

The queen mother came suddenly, Yan Jin and Yan Zhixia quickly separated. The queen mother let Yan Jin draft, and now the minister is very dissatisfied with her, she decided to organize the draft half a month later. Although Yan Zhixia knew that this was inevitable, she was still depressed. Gong Ye heard the report saying that Hua Kui’s night saw Yan Jin, and Gui Yuan had a good look. Gong Ye made a careful investigation, this matter is not so simple.

Yan Zhixia announced that Xiao Linzi had taken over the prison. Xiao Linzi asked her if Father Hai was really dead. Yan Zhixia asked him not to ask. Yan Zhixia came to Duke Hai’s secret room and saw that he was worshipping a person here. He also saw a sachet in the dark room, exactly the same as Yan Jin’s embroiderer.

The insane Taoist brought the antidote given by Gui Yuanliang to the Ye Mo Ming in the Mossa army and successfully rescued them. Ye Luming saw Gong Zhiyue on the battlefield and fell in love with her, but knew they were unlikely to see you again. The insane Taoist sent Yan Jin’s letter to Yelv Ming, inviting him to take a trip to Dongsheng Kyoto. Yan Jin confided his thoughts with Yan Zhixia. The ministers were very happy to hear that he wanted to choose a concubine, but he knew it was not a good thing for him. Big Zhang Dayang came in suddenly with a letter from a mad Taoist, and it was embarrassing to see them.

Yan Zhixia gave Yan Jin a sachet, thinking his mother might be alive. When it was finally time to choose the concubine, Gong Zhiyue dressed in Sujing and entered the palace. The queen mother summoned her and gave her a hairpin given by the emperor. When Yan Jin came out and met Empress Gong Zhiyue, Gong Zhiyue felt that it was not good for them to go in with them. She had to walk with the show girls and let Yan Zhixia take her there. Although Yan Zhixia was depressed, it was not easy to refuse.

Gong Zhiyue had something to say to Yan Zhixia. She was not someone who would hold the handle to threaten others, so she did not dismantle Yan Zhixia’s identity. Around. All the beautiful girls who came in were picked out by Yan Jin for various problems. When it was Gong Zhiyue’s turn, Yan Jin continued to procrastinate, and the empress was very angry. The two sides were stalemate, and Yan Yihang suddenly met, saying that Ye Luming had come in person. Yan Jin hurriedly ordered to greet him, and let the draft matter go first.

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