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Oops! The King is in Love 愿我如星君如月 Episode 14 Recap

The two people still put the sky lanterns out. Yan Zhixia hoped that Yan Jin could live a safe, happy and happy life, and Yan Jin hoped that Yan Zhixia’s wishes could be fulfilled. Yan Jin said he wanted to do the right thing and took Yan Zhixia to Huakui Night. Yan Zhixia looked very depressed and scolded Yan Jin as a liar.

The night of Hua Kui has talent inscriptions every day, originally intended to be written by Lin Yanqing, but he has an accident now, and Cui Niang decided to write this time herself. Cui Niang saw Yan Zhixia in the crowd at a glance, called her, and showed her an escrow note, which owed Cui Niang 320. This was when Yan Zhixia was in prison when he was sent by the jailer to help him out. The money owed to Cui Niang was asked to pay the debt. Yan Zhixia quickly said good things, but Cui Niang was unmoved.

Yan Zhixia pulled Yan Jin and said that he would let his inscription be indebted. Cui Niang was very disgusted when he saw him. He deliberately mentioned Lin Yanqing and said that he could not compare with Lin Yanqing, making Yan Jin very depressed. Yan Jin was shocked to write four words, and was still rejected. It was only after the attack that he knew that it was Yan Zhixia’s mother.

Cui Niang prepared the wine dishes, Yan Zhixia quickly stopped, saying that Yan Jin could not drink. Yan Zhixia kept giving Yan Jin Jia Cai, Cui Niang looked very depressed on the side, Yan Zhi Xia also quickly clipped her to her. Yan Zhixia and Yan Jin came out to see the night of Huakui. The downstairs was very lively. Many people came here.

Cui Niang came out to preside over and let everyone come up with the poems of Mo Baolai. If Hua Kui took his eyes, he would be able to kiss Fang Ze. Hua Kui danced on the stage, everyone cheered, Yan Jin looked for Gui Yuanliang in the crowd, and looked very seriously, even Yan Zhixia told him that he did not hear. Yan Zhixia thought he was looking at Huakui and said that men don’t have a good thing.

Hua Kui selected a person, and the mad Taoist came to tell Yan Jin that this person was not Gui Yuanliang. He came with Gui Yuanliang, and he must still be here. Yan Jin wanted to let Hua Kui’s night continue. Big Zhang Dayang went to find Cui Niang. Cui Niang said it was over, and she did not agree to continue. Unexpectedly, Yan Zhixia suddenly went on stage to dance, attracting applause and making Cui Niang angry. Gui Yuanliang was led out, and they caught the crazy Taoist.

Gong Ye was very happy to hear that the emperor had left the palace, and let his men arrange to make him die outside the palace without knowing it. Yan Zhixia realized that Yan Jin had a purpose in leaving the palace, very depressed. The two went to the lake together, and Yan Zhixia responded to Yan Jin, making Yan Jin very excited.

The two people walked hand in hand on the street. Yan Zhixia saw that the candied gourd wanted to eat it. Yan Jin bought it in the past and found Yan Zhixia gone. Yan Zhixia was taken away by Grandpa Hai. Grandpa knew that she was the grandfather who was looking for him outside the palace to get rid of her. Yan Jin rushed to rescue Yan Zhixia. The man in black sent by Gong Ye wanted to kill Yan Jin, but he was surprised that Grandpa Hai died to save Yan Jin.

Yan Zhixia told Yan Jin’s life experience, in fact, Yan Jin knew, he was afraid of black because of this. When he was a child, he secretly saw that the Empress Dowager had killed his mother, and he was rescued by his father-in-law. The kit that Yan Zhixia saw last time was left by his mother. Yan Jin guessed that it was the killer of the Gong Ye faction, and felt that the Empress Dowager and Gong Ye might not be in harmony. Yan Zhixia suggested that it would be better to leave the rivers and lakes on this, but Yan Jin decided to take responsibility, find out the truth, and get rid of them.

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