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Oops! The King is in Love 愿我如星君如月 Episode 13 Recap

After an investigation, the mad Taoist told Yan Jin that Gui Yuanliang was originally a Mossa, and he hated Yelv Ming, and he and Gong Ye hit it off. This is the only thing about this plague. Now Yelvming is looking for famous doctors everywhere, but none are found, and Moss’s situation is very bad. Yan Jin wants to catch Gui Yuanliang and let the mad Taoist cooperate with him.

Princess Anle came to see Lin Yanqing in the prison and saw that he was full of scars and still so handsome. Lin Yanqing thought that Yan Zhixia was very happy, seeing that it was Princess Anle who saluted quickly. Lin Yanqing asked Princess Anle to go back quickly. Princess Anle thought he was considerate and liked it more.

Gong Zhiyue was very sad to see the moon in the yard. The maid advised her to relax her heart. Yan Jin must have her in her heart. Gong Ye did not expect that Princess Anle would also be involved in Lin Yanqing’s case, and felt that it must be Yan Jin’s ghost. This time, he underestimated him. Gui Yuanliang persuaded Gong Ye to start the matter directly, but Gong Jiajun was at the border, and the strength of the capital was in the hands of the Empress Dowager. If there was little chance of a rash, it would have to be discussed long.

The queen mother called Gong Zhiyue into the palace and said that she grew up watching her, and she always liked her. It would be better if she could get a kiss. Gong Zhiyue said to listen to the arrangement of the Queen Mother. The queen mother asked her to take the initiative to attack, so waiting all the time was not the way. Yan Jinlai came to see Lin Yanqing in prison and said that he had suffered during these days and mentioned that Princess Anle liked his things. Lin Yanqing stated that he was wronged and would not choose Princess Anle in order to survive.

The queen mother summoned Gong Ye and talked about the latest things. The imperial examinations and Lin Yanqing’s things were a headache, and Mossa was also dead and not stiff. The queen mother wanted Gong Zhiyue to be the queen to give birth to the prince. At that time, she would help the young emperor as the queen queen, and no one would dare to say nothing.

Yan Zhixia was very surprised when he overheard these things, and wanted to tell Yan Jin that he was not the empress dowager. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the jailers were drinking. Gong Zhiyue asked them to clear Lin Chengxiang and Lin Yan together, and they would change it back tomorrow. Princess Anle came to see Lin Yanqing. Gong Zhiyue refused to let her in. Princess Anle called her sister-in-law and finally let Gong Zhiyue let go.

Princess Anle brought the moon cake and also called Grandpa Lin Chengxiang, which made Lin Yanqing very embarrassed. Yan Zhixia finally waited until Yan Jin came back, and before saying anything, Yan Jin said she would take her out of the palace. The two were very happy outside the palace. Yan Zhixia also saved a little boy who was bullied. Yan Zhixia took Yan Jin to put the sky lantern and said that he would write a wish on it, maybe he could be seen by the fairy. Yan Jin said that he was the emperor, and Yan Zhixia had no desire to tell him.

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