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Oops! The King is in Love 愿我如星君如月 Episode 12 Recap

Your Majesty loves the Three Treasures

There were rumors around the palace that Yan Jin didn’t like the woman’s liking for Sanbao. Yan Jin also heard it, but he didn’t take it seriously. The subordinates told Gong Ye that Yan Jinxian rescued Yan Zhixia in one step. Gong Zhiyue failed to persuade Lin Yanqing to succeed. Lin Yanqing refused to plead guilty. Gong Ye let people teach Lin Yanqing, but he didn’t believe he was a hard bone.

Yan Zhixia heard that Lin Yanqing was being tortured and to go to Tian prison to see him. Princess Anle came to see Yan Zhixia and followed, and Princess Anle took her in. Yan Zhixia saw Lin Yanqing, but the two disputed because of Yan Jin’s concern for Yan Zhixia. Yan Zhixia said that she was only a brother and sister to Lin Yanqing and wanted to rescue him.

Princess Anle came to see Lin Yanqing and fell in love with him at first sight. Yan Zhixia was very excited when she heard that she had to find a way to rescue Lin Yanqing from the prison. Princess Anle asked the queen mother to give her a marriage, and the queen mother was very angry. Princess Anle was the biological daughter of the Queen Mother and was always spoiled by her. Grandma comforts the queen mother, the princess just loves to play around, and will soon understand. Yan Zhixia came to Princess Anle and heard that she was banned. Yan Zhixia didn’t expect the princess to come true. Now that something has happened to her, Yan Zhixia cannot ignore it.

Gong Zhiyue asked Yan Jin about Yan Zhixia’s identity. Yan Zhixia also had a dispute with Gong Zhiyue. In order to protect Yan Zhixia, Yan Jin asked Yan Zhixia to apologize to Gong Zhiyue. Yan Zhixia knew that Yan Jin was to protect himself, but was still very depressed. Yan Jin and Yan Zhixia came to see Princess Anle. Yan Jin said that she would help. Yan Zhixia felt that the queen mother was angry because she thought Princess Anle was too nonsense. She wanted to prove her sincerity and really wanted to marry Lin Yanqing.

Grandpa Hai came to see Princess Anle and said that as long as she admits her mistake, she no longer wants to marry Lin Yanqing. The queen mother will not blame her. Princess Anle said that she was going to start a hunger strike to recite poems. The queen mother was very depressed when she heard the return, but she didn’t believe she was really hunger strike. Yan Jin and Yan Zhixia confessed. Yan Zhixia was very touched, but Yan Jin was the emperor. She wanted a life and a pair, not one of the concubines. She dared not accept the emperor’s wishes. Yan Jin told her that she liked her, and hoped that one day she would return this sentence to him.

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