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Oops! The King is in Love 愿我如星君如月 Episode 11 Recap

Yan Zhixia woke up the next day and found that she was sleeping with Yan Jin and was shocked, but found that Yan Jin’s state was very wrong. Yan Zhixia quickly called someone and asked Dayang to ask a doctor. Dayang went to Tai Hospital and called Tai Hu to the doctor. The grandma beside the Queen Mother happened to be in Tai Hospital and saw the two hurriedly leave.

Hu Taiyi made some diagnosis and found that Yan Jin was drinking and was very angry, which would be fatal. Yan Zhixia was very self-blaming, and Yan Jin comforted herself to be fine. The Queen Mother suddenly came over, Yan Jin pretended to be a little bit cold, and greeted the Queen Mother with vigor, and Hu Taiyi also said that it was a cold illness, and finally deceived the Queen Mother. Yan Jin passed out as soon as the Queen Mother left. Yan Zhixia was very self-blamed and determined to take good care of Yan Jin.

The queen mother went back to punish her, and she asked for mercy again and again, saying that she heard clearly. The queen mother always felt that the imperial examinations were awkward and might be related to the people around the emperor. Grandpa Hai feels that Hu Taiyi’s expression is a little different. They can look at the prescription prescribed by Taiyi.

Yan Zhixia made almond dew for Yan Jin, and found that Yan Jin was still a little hot. Yan Jin grabbed her and asked her to make another bowl of almond milk. Yan Zhixia agreed. Grandpa Hai checked the prescription and found that it was all medicines for treating sick wine. He called Hu Taiyi for inquiries, and Hu Taiyi admitted. Grandpa Hai felt that Sanbao was a scourge, and the queen mother asked him to deal with it.

Yan Zhixia was taken away by Grandpa Hai on the road, and the almonds were exposed to the big Zhang Dayang, so that they should never tell the emperor, so as not to worry him. Lin Yanqing was very distressed to see that Yan Zhixia was also locked in. Big Zhang Dayang didn’t really say that, until Yan Jin woke up and asked to know, it was not enough, Yan Zhixia clearly asked them to rush for help.

Lin Yanqing and Yan Zhixia were having fun in their prisons and talking about the past, they were very happy. Yan Jin hurried over and saw that they were happy and suddenly jealous. Yan Jin left with Yan Zhixia, Gong Zhiyue came over to let Lin Yanqing plead guilty, talking about the emperor’s things, also said that the emperor fell in love with Yan Zhixia. Yan Jin did not expect them to hear their gossip in the corner. Yan Jin was also very depressed. Unexpectedly, he hadn’t confessed yet.

The mad Taoist told Yan Jin about the plague in Mossa, and Yan Jin felt something was wrong. Yan Jin let the mad Taoists help to save people, it is a blessing or a curse to watch this time. The Queen Mother heard that Yan Jin had taken Yan Zhixia away and found it, but Yan Jin said that she did not want to have a second prince in her side.

Yan Jinlai delivered medicine to Yan Zhixia and happened to be tripped on her. Just when Princess Anle came to see him, she closed the door quickly.

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