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Well Dominated Love 奈何boss又如何 Episode 13 Recap

Yan Jing personally prepared dinner for Nie Xingchen. Nie Xingchen looked a little worried. He planned to help but was refused by Yan Jing. Looking at Yan Jing who was busy in the kitchen for herself, Nie Xingchen was happy, Yan Jing looked at the recipe method on the ipad and really made a dinner that looked like a Michelin meal. Nie Xingchen’s appetite was very appetizing, and he kept boasting about Yan Jing. He felt that he was really amazing and could make such a delicious dinner according to the recipe.

After drinking and eating, Nie Xingchen lay on the sofa, and Yan Jing gave the key to Nie Xingchen. Nie Xingchen was very moved. The two couldn’t help kissing again, and soon the two of them rolled up. With the sheets, spent a very beautiful and romantic evening. The next morning, Zhao Yuanfang also woke up in the hotel, and found that there was a group photo sent by Zhen Nian in his phone, mistakenly thinking that Zhen Nian was sweet to him, but actually Zhen Nian took away all his clothes and gave it to him It turns out that Zhen Nian only left the women’s clothing in the hotel for Zhao Yuanfang.

After Yan Jing woke up, he found that Nie Xingchen was not by his side, so he got up and went to the hospital. After Nie Xingchen returned from buying breakfast, he found that Yan Jing was missing. He mistakenly thought he had gone to the hospital early in the morning. He probably remembered something, so he followed the positioning and came to the hospital. Zhao Yuanfang had no clothes, so he walked out in the hotel’s nightgown. It was cold outside and he was shivering.

In desperation, he had to ask the hotel doorman to call a car for himself. After Nie Xingchen came to the hospital, he met Yan Jing in the elevator of the hospital, but Yan Jing didn’t seem to know Nie Xingchen at all. This made Nie Xingchen a little flustered, and he secretly guessed that Yan Jing would not lose his memory again.

Yan Jing really seemed to have lost his memory again. He left Nie Xingchen and drove straight to the Piaget Group. Walking to the hotel lobby, Yan Jing suddenly asked the front desk girl which floor his office is on. This question stopped the hotel front desk. On the sixth floor, Yan Jing recognized Huang Tao and asked him to submit all the Piaget’s past information to him. Because Director Huang Tao mentioned Secretary Nie, Yan Jing asked Huang Tao to call Nie Xingchen to his office. But he lost his memory again about any past between himself and Nie Xingchen.

Nie Xingchen felt wronged in his heart, but it was not easy. After all, Yan Jing had no memory. He even planned to fire Nie Xingchen. Nie Xingchen refused his unreasonable dismissal, so Nie Xingchen was inexplicably transferred by Yan Jing. File room. Nie Xingchen packed up the relevant materials and came to the archives room. As expected, the archives room was filled with elderly old men and old ladies. Nie Xingchen politely introduced himself and asked the two old employees Chen Jie and Lao Wu about himself. Where is the workstation?

Because there was a lot of dust in the archives room for a long time, Old Wu told Nie Xingchen that the people who came here were all here to take care of their lives, and there was no hope of being promoted. Nie Xingchen was inexplicably sad looking at the long-deposited files. At the same time, the president’s office was busy and messed up. Huang Tao guessed that Yan Jing’s temperament changed drastically because his confession was rejected. Just after his voice, Yan Jing appeared in the president’s office, asked for relevant information, and asked Huang Tao to notify the personnel department. Hire the chief secretary as soon as possible, saying that he will see someone tomorrow.

Nie Xingchen was stuck in front of Yan Jing’s car, but Yan Jing didn’t seem to be moved by her at all, and even pushed her car horn to drive her away. In desperation, Nie Xingchen had to come to Jinghai Hospital to look for Han Ziyu. After Han Ziyu learned the specific situation of the two of them, he was still puzzled. Why Yan Jing always had to do with Nie Xingchen.

All memories are deleted. Knowing all of this, Nie Xingchen asked Han Ziyu if he could confirm the relationship between the two lovers. Han Ziyu told him that Yan Jing, who has amnesia, has an aversion to her at the premiere. It seems that starting from this place Not a good idea, but he told Nie Xingchen that maybe Yan Jing would fall in love with her for the third time. After listening, Nie Xingchen decided to wait for the opportunity to make Yan Jing fall in love with herself again.

After Nie Xingchen woke up, he painted a beautiful makeup for himself. When he came to the Piaget Group to catch up with the elevator, he found that the newly hired chief secretary was also excellent, and even more coincidentally, he ran into his shirt. Yan Jing came to the president’s office with the information. Huang Tao told her that the interviewer for the chief secretary was Jin Beina, and Jin Beina seemed to be familiar with Yan Jing’s preferences.

Because Tong Xin was too bored in the president’s office, she came to the archives to talk to Nie Xingchen. Nie Xingchen found out that Yan Jing was very satisfied with Jin Beina, and felt a little lost in her heart. At the same time, Tong Xin also told her distress, saying that she had been waiting for Han Ziyu’s initiative to contact him, but he hadn’t waited for his call. If she wanted to come to Han Ziyu, she might think she was just a small fan.

Nie Xingchen encouraged Tong Xin to fight again, but he also encouraged himself to fight again. Zhao Yuanfang came to the president’s office and found that Jin Beina was sitting in Nie Xingchen’s position. Upon asking, she learned that Jin Beina was the chief secretary and immediately rushed into Yan Jing’s office. However, Yan Jing had no intention of responding to him. Questioning, let him be casual, angry Zhao Yuanfang immediately left the office to find Nie Xingchen.

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