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Well Dominated Love 奈何boss又如何 Episode 12 Recap

Because of Yan Jing’s arrival, everyone was a little cautious. The big guy talked about Huang Tao’s wife. Huang Tao used the words to talk about marriage. As soon as he came out of Yan Jing’s heart, he deliberately asked Nie Xingchen. Views on marriage. But when Huang Tao talked about the topic that some love crooks lie to little girls, and other people also talked about the topic of falling in love and not making friends, Yan Jing immediately felt a little uncomfortable, Nie Xingchen saw his silent anger , Immediately changed the subject and let everyone eat hot pot. Halfway through, Yan Jing suddenly asked Nie Xingchen to leave with her first, indicating that she had a job to deal with with her.

Leaving Director Huang Tao’s home, Yan Jingli pulled Nie Xingchen to take a photo with him, and took a photo to commemorate him. No one knows that the people from the president’s office also came to take the photo shoot. As soon as the curtain was opened, Nie Xingchen and Yan Jing were surprised. Fortunately, Nie Xingchen had a brainstorm and said that the two were discussing projects, which avoided the public relationship. . After returning home, because Nie Xingchen was busy sorting out the project plan that Yan Jing just mentioned, he didn’t see the meow machine note sent to her by Yan Jing, which made Yan Jing quite uneasy.

When she woke up the next day, Yan Jing prepared a double take-out breakfast with beautiful rose petals. Yan Jing thought that Nie Xingchen would come over to help him prepare breakfast later, so when the door lock was activated, Yan Jing was in a poem, but it was Director Huang Tao who opened the door, which made Yan Jing very embarrassed. Nie Xingchen stayed up all night for the acquisition plan. Yan Jing learned that she was late because of the plan and didn’t see the meow machine note, so she coquettishly wanted to ask for some comfort. It happened that Tong Xin came to ask about Nie Xingchen’s love skills. Nie Xingchen suggested that she go to the movies, and Tong Xin accepted her suggestion.

During the meeting, Yan Jing was curious about what Tong Xin had done to Nie Xingchen, so he texted Nie Xingchen for dating advice. Finally, at Yan Jing’s request, the two decided to go to the movies together at night. Tong Xin waited for Han Ziyu at the entrance of the movie theater, but after waiting for a long time, he didn’t see Han Ziyu. He was inexplicably lost. Yan Jing intends to ask for further relationship with Nie Xingchen. He was hiding at the door to practice speaking and was interrupted by Nie Xingchen. Yan Jing chose a very scary movie and planned to watch it with Nie Xingchen, because he wanted to see Nie later. Xingchen will get into his arms because of fear.

Tong Xin came to the hospital and found that Han Ziyu had forgotten the truth about dating in the cinema, and tried to persuade Bai Xiaoqiao and Han Ziyu to be inappropriate, but some words made Han Ziyu a little unhappy. Tong Xin was very sad and left the hospital. Yan Jing felt that watching a horror movie was boring, so he suggested that they play games together. In fact, they planned to give Nie Xingchen a gift, but Nie Xingchen’s phone calls were taken one by one. This made Yan Jing annoyed and the gift plan was ruined. Coincidentally, Tong Xin called for comfort. Nie Xingchen agreed to the invitation without saying a word. After analyzing, Tong Xin learned that he was jealous because he fell in love with Han Ziyu, and this emotion is not the attitude of fans to idols.

Because Yan Jing couldn’t wait for Nie Xingchen, he called Han Ziyu and asked what happened to Tong Xin. He had to take his own Nie Xingchen to drink. Yan Jing intends to make Nie Xingchen sincerely apologize to herself, but as soon as Nie Xingchen entered the door, he lay down on the sofa drunk. After the two of them were sweet, Yan Jing took Nie Xingchen onto his bed and sat down. Watched her overnight in the massage chair.

After waking up, Nie Xingchen arranged clothes for Yan Jing and the two went to work together. On the road, Yan Jing asked Nie Xingchen about buying a house while driving the car, secretly wanting Nie Xingchen to live with him, but Nie Xingchen didn’t even guess his intention. When I got downstairs at the company, Yan Jing saw Nie Xingchen putting on lipstick, and told Nie Xingchen that his mouth was a bit dry and tried to kiss. Seeing that the gift he was going to give Nie Xingchen was about to appear, Yan Jing suddenly appeared and interrupted his plan.

Yan Jing was sulking because Huang Tao interrupted her date with Nie Xingchen twice, so she deliberately let Huang Tao go on a business trip. Afterwards, Yan Jing celebrated the seven-week anniversary of Nie Xingchen together, and the two went to the supermarket to buy things together. Yan Jing had his own very unique insights on the purchase of all the ingredients, and he hung up Zhao Yuanfang and called Nie. Star phone. After hanging up the phone, Zhao Yuanfang saw Zhen Nian who was drunk, and immediately greeted him, and the two kissed together through the wine.

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