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The Twin Flower Legend 长相守 Episode 59 Recap

After learning that Song Minglei led the Ming Family Secret Guard in his hands to prepare to force the palace, Hua Jinxiu decided to take advantage of the Fengde Army and the previously purchased group ministers and the purple mine weapons in his hand to go to the hall and wait for Song Minglei to kill the original Qingjiang. Afterwards, Fuyuan Feiyong was right and ascended to the throne.

Under the cover of Shen Zongchang, the original non-smoke and flower hibiscus smoothly mixed into the former Qingjiang’s dormitory, and the flower hibiscus immediately saw through the harm of the male and female glazed pots, and immediately stopped it. After the leaking pot stopped working, although Yuan Qingjiang felt a little more comfortable, he felt blamed for killing Yuan Feibai and Sima Yun’s son.

In the room between the three, Song Minglei led someone into the former Qingjiang’s bedroom. Facing Song Minglei’s question, Yuan Qingjiang, although he did not want to argue too much, still told him the truth of the year. Song Minglei’s mother, Yuan Qingwu’s sister, Yuan Qingwu, were the two most treasured by Qing Qing in this life. One of the women died not in the hands of Qingjiang, but in the hands of her husband, Ming and Qingyang. But for the rest of the Ming family, they were in chaos and chaos and wolf ambitions. The original Qingjiang did not regret killing them.

Although he understood the truth, Song Minglei still decided to kill the original Qingjiang to avenge his dead clan, but he didn’t want to use his body suddenly when he was hiding in the dark when he was slashing his sword against the original Qingjiang. Blocked in front of his father. After seeing that her beloved girl was swallowing in Song Minglei’s arms, the original Qingjiang was in a hurry, and she passed out.

At this time, Yu Feiyan arrived in time to subdue Song Minglei and her men, and the flower hibiscus on the side saw it. It was convenient to use the purple hairpin that was left to him before the original Fei Bai left, and penetrated into the original Qingjiang. The heart and the original non-smoke wound, and then rescued the two successively.

On the other side of the main hall, after the flower splendid time had been seen, it was threatened with the photo in his hand and the Fengdejun army, trying to help his younger son to inherit the throne. But in the desperation of the dynasty, the people still refused to recognize the original throne. In desperation, Hua Jinxiu had to use the sword to force everyone to admit the original non-liu, but did not want to be at this time, Yu Feiyan protected the original Qingjiang and Yuan Fei Bai et al. appeared in the hall.

Seeing the flower splendidly, although he was unwilling in the center of his heart, he still wanted to fight hard, but he had no choice but to defeat his defeat and was subdued by Shen Zongchang. After driving the flower splendid into the Heavenly Prison, the original Qingjiang originally wanted to exile the original non-exile, the original beating was decapitated, but all the people were pleading for it because the original non-exile is still young. The original Qingjiang weighed again and again, or withdrew his life, after delegating Yuan Fei to the common people, he left the throne to Yuan Fei Bai, and explained the matter, let Yuan Fei Bai embroider the flower for himself, and relieve Sima Yun After the shame of the dark house, Enron went to the world.

After the death of the original Qingjiang, Yuan Fengding, who had escaped from the dead, sneaked into the prison and told Huajinxiu about the burial of the original Qingjiang life flower, but at this time, the flower Fairview had no longer thought of living, but he was ordered to imprison himself. Sima Yun was released.

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