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The Twin Flower Legend 长相守 Episode 58 Recap

Although Yuan Feiyan forced his own life to save Song Minglei’s life from his father, he still could not wipe out Song Minglei’s hatred of Yuan Qingjiang in his heart. In the face of the original non-clear perseverance and persuasion, although Song Minglei responded to his mouth one by one, he still took advantage of it and stunned him, using his clothing and waist card to smoothly get out of the city. outer.

The flower hibiscus learned that the flower splendid not only killed the two’s childhood friends, but also designed the Zhang Zhiyan couple to be buried in the sea of ​​fire, so they came to discuss the matter in person. But he didn’t want to spend the splendid time. Not only did he notice that Zhang Zhiyan and his wife were buried in Huohai, they also found that the two bodies in Huohai were not Zhang Zhiyan and Youyou, but they were still in order to separate the father’s love between the original Qingjiang and the original non-white. Hibiscus rounded up the lies that were not satisfactory.

Originally, Qingjiang suspected that Yuan Fei wanted to usurp his throne, and in a rage, he decided to demote it to the fiefdom of Shaanzhou, and banned the flower and hibiscus in the palace courtyard. Unexpectedly, the flower splendid not only took advantage of Shi Qingpei’s declaration, but also ordered him to be housed in the palace. He also ordered a false decree to die on the way to Shaanzhou. Hua Jinxiu’s men saw Yuan Feibai and everyone under his suspicion about himself and the sacred decree he held, and he did not want to obey his will.

After that, he drank Yuan Feibai with the life of the flower hibiscus, but he did not want Yuan Feibai Shi Qingpei reminded himself that when he was careful about the flower splendid, he was already prepared. When he was drinking, he was already investing medicine in the wine, so he faked the flower splendid. Later, when Hua Jinxiu saw that Chen Yujiao was suspicious of herself, she took advantage of it and was stunned with a drug, and was put under house arrest with Shi Qingpei.

The news of Yuan Feibai’s death was passed back to the palace. Hua Qingxiu saw that Qing Qing’s left arm and right arm Shi Qingpei and Chen Yujiao were both being held by themselves.

At the same time, it was not clear that Song Minglei had begun to gather the Ming family secret guards in his hands. After preparing to be unfavorable to his father’s original Qingjiang, he wanted to come to stop it, but he didn’t want the strength in his hands, and he couldn’t compete with it. In desperation, Yuan Feiqing only asked for a death, as his original parent and child, he understood the grievances of the original family and the Ming family, and his father repaid his debts. Unexpectedly, Song Minglei had always regarded himself as a confidant, but how could he have the heart to hurt him, but after cutting off the acting chief, after understanding all the grievances between the two, he ordered someone to imprison him, and promised himself three days later, When the former Qingjiang was forced into the palace, it would be safely released.

Original Qingjiang was under the calculation of Huajinxiu. At this time, he had already fallen ill, and he was like a blight. When the Huajinxiu appeared, he immediately persuaded him to abdicate and let him go. Original Qingjiang wanted to let his cronies take it down, but he didn’t want Huajinxiu to control the situation. Huajinxiu saw that he had torn off his face with the original Qingjiang today, and he no longer concealed, how he used the male and female glaze. The leaking pot and Liuguangsan murdered the original Qingjiang. At this time, although the original Qingjiang felt remorse in his heart, he couldn’t do anything at this time.

Seeing that her big picture was settled, Hua Jinxiu came to the Chamber of Secrets to show off her sister Hua Hibiscus, but at this time, although she was close to success, she was not happy at all, because she knew that her life was a tragedy. And jokes. For his unreachable right, he hurt everyone around him, including his own sister and sister, but now that he has done so, he has no room to look back.

Shen Zongchang returned to the palace. When he saw that the emperor was imprisoned in the palace by the flower splendid, he guessed that the flower splendid had already begun, and immediately came to ask the only free family life at this time. After hearing that Shen Zongchang had asked him to save his opponent, Hibiscus, although Yuan Feiyan was unwilling at first, he learned that this was the last chance to save his father and emperor. Suspected, rescued Hibiscus from the secret room.

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