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The Twin Flower Legend 长相守 Episode 57 Recap

After hearing the rumor that the folks admired Yuan Feibai’s succession, Yuan Qingjiang couldn’t help but doubt that Yuan Feibai used public opinion to pressure himself and wanted to force him to give him the throne as soon as possible. There is a gap with it.

After seeing Zhang Zhiyan’s ups and downs in order to honor Rongji’s urgent needs, Hua Muqin wanted to thank him solemnly, but he didn’t want to have such a bold personality. While Zhang Zhiyan was choosing gifts for the children in Yo-Yo’s belly, Hua Mu-Hi and Yo-Yo not only solved their previous misunderstandings, but also became close friends.

Hua Hibiscus handed over this month’s dividends to the state treasury. After Hua Jinxiu saw that her conspiracy had failed, her resentment toward her sister was even worse. It is Zhang Zhiyan’s good offices behind the fact that the flower hibiscus can be turned into safety this time. In order to help Hua Hibiscus to turn danger into danger, Zhang Zhiyan not only used the court’s special waterway for salt and iron transportation, but even used the relationship of Cao Bang, the world’s largest gang, and ordered the officials he bought in advance to tell the original Qingjiang.

Origin Qingjiang learned of this matter, not only did Zhang Zhiyan take precautions against him, but also because Zhang Zhiyan had a good relationship with Yuan Feibai and Hua Muhibin, and he killed him, letting him return to confrontation. The original Fei Bai and Hua Mujin feared that Zhang Zhiyan would be so fierce, so he personally came to persuade him to take a merchant ship to take a private trip overseas, but Zhang Zhiyan did not want to involve the two, but insisted Return to Jiangzhou to die.

When Zhang Zhiyan returned to Jiangzhou, he immediately dismissed the house servants and guards in the government. When he saw that there was only himself and Zhang Zhiyan in the big king’s palace, Youyou wanted to hide his original home before he died. Telling Xianggong’s identity to Zhang Gong, he didn’t expect Zhang Zhiyan to know his true identity from the beginning, but he still treated him with sincerity. At this time, Lang Jun had no regrets, and he accompanied him to death with a smile.

Hua Jinxiu reported to the former Qingjiang that Zhang Zhiyan and his wife had committed suicide for fear of crime, and presented Qingmei’s waist tag and autopsy records of the two from the Zhang Zhiyan and his wife’s bedroom. At this time, the original Qingjiang, which was affected by the male and female tourmaline water drain pots, was already very suspicious. When he saw the witnesses in front of him, he could not help but doubt that the original non-white was to win Zhang Zhiyan, and then Qingmei was willing to give it to his son. The suspicion is even worse.

Zhang Demao never died. In order to report Song Minglei’s revenge for using his own sins at the time of the crisis, Zhang Demao not only confessed everything to the original Qingjiang, but also confronted Song Minglei in the hall. Although Song Minglei denied Zhang Demao’s identification to himself, when he heard that the power he had cultivated in Qinling had been mostly cleared by the original army, his emotions completely collapsed, and he rushed to the side of Zhang Demao, and therefore completely eliminated himself Exposed.

Faced with the question of the original Qingjiang, Song Minglei only wanted to accompany Yuan Feiyan for another birthday, but did not want Zhang Demao to think that he wanted to escape from the original Feiyan, and the Ming family in order to help himself marry Yuan Feiyan The soldiers pretended to be soldiers of the South and gang-raped Yuan Feiyan. After learning that his daughter had suffered such great grievances, Qingjiang couldn’t help but kill Zhang Demao on the spot, and was going to kill Song Minglei.

Seeing that his husband was going to be beheaded by his father, although Yuan Feiyan had not yet been able to escape from the blow just now, he still tried to save Song Minglei’s life and forced his life to let his father take it back. Out of the haze in his heart, he completely broke off the relationship.

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