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The Legend of Jin Yan 凤归四时歌 Episode 18 Recap

After making many requests, Yu Wang made Su Jin more powerful in warming his bed. Su Jin’s left-right flipping bed was almost warm. Yu Wang Qiang’s claim to take care of the bed was left to Su Jin. Other women, including Wen Fei, never had it. Su Jin obediently obeyed, but fell asleep shortly. Yu Wang heard that there was no more motion in the room and went in to check. Su Jin was already asleep sweetly. Yu Wang looked at his spoiled bed and gave the bedroom to Su Jin, and he would take a rest in the ear room.

King Jin was alone and drunk and saw Su Jin, and saw King Yu who was competing with him everywhere. He opened the territory for King Yu and expanded into a guard. King Yu also wanted to catch up with himself. In his mind, Wang Ding told King Jin to let his brothers always, and King Jin made too many concessions and did not want to give up his beloved one.

Su Jin spent the night in Yu King’s bed, but the terrible dream came again. In the dream, a vague figure was riding on countless flying arrows. Su Jin woke up in such a thrilling dream, only to know that the time had passed Serve King Yu in a hurry. King Yu just did not blame Su Jin for being late. Su Jin thought that the victim was Su Yu, he asked him whether Yu Yu would take Su Yu together for hunting from the side. After he got a negative answer, he was happy and asked Whether Wen Fei went or not, King Yu thought that Su Jin was jealous and proposed that this hunting should not bring any concubine, Su Jin was very understandable. Suddenly, King Jin asked for a meeting. King Yu looked at Su Jin excitedly and left Su Jin alone to face King Jin. He said Jin King in a few words.

Yu Wang made people prepare the inner server to be placed in front of Su Jin. Su Jin looked at the inner server with a look of unrequited love. As a lovely young lady, how could she wear the inner server and swagger through the city, Yu Wang looked disgustedly Xi Jin Su Jin pointed out that this time he wanted Su Jin to put on the inner server to make it more convenient to hunt. Su Jin wanted to take himself out to play and immediately accepted the inner server, and took it for joy.

Li Chaohai was ordered by King Yu to tell Wen Fei that he didn’t have to go hunting with him. Wen Fei had some doubts at first but thought of King Yu’s thoughts after a little thought. King Yu happily brought Su Jin to the hunting ground, but the matter was still leaked to the concubine. Not only was King Yu taking his maid to the ancestral system, but also King Jin was going to take care of the maid. The concubine of the house went to the hunting ground together.

King Jin took the initiative to ask for hunting in front of King Yu. Su Jin looked tickling at the fun of hunting, but King Yu worried that her skill would only allow her to stroll around the paddock. Su Jin originally wanted to participate in hunting, but now she can only squat under the tree to pick flowers and play. Wang Yu is worried that Su Jin is following him, seeing Su Jin’s simple folly, she is heartily holding Su Jin’s small face to tease, hurt Su Jin Misunderstood that King Yu wanted to kiss himself, but Su Jin turned to attract the attention of the bunny rabbit. Looking at the little rabbit Su Jin, he said that his father had said that he wanted to find a rabbit nest for him, but his father went to the side after the spring equinox. , I haven’t had a chance to play with myself for many years.

Yu Wang wondered how Su Jin’s father would have the opportunity to participate in the hunting. Su Jin knew that he had lost his word and quickly explained that the private hunting had eliminated Yu Wang’s doubts. Yu Wang called Su Ma when he saw that Su Jin was really interested in hunting rabbits.

King Jin arranged the way to take Su Jin at the hunting ground, and planned to let King Yu know that he would rob someone. Yu Wang also took Su Jin to find the rabbit nest, and in order to find a rabbit for Su Jin without any bother, Su Jin bluntly held a gray bunny and was not cute. I wonder if the little rabbit understood and actually scratched Su Jin. Instant reaction for Sujin to chase the beloved bunny.

Su Jin stayed in place and saw An Shao Guo Gong lead people to chase the white deer blue pattern. The white deer green pattern is that the gods and beasts cannot be hunted. Su Jin is dedicated to protect but angers An Shao Guo Gong, and misses Bai Lu An Shao Guo Gong element Jin to pay his life. Immediately after King Yu came to stop it, An Shao Guo Gong ignored the face of Yu Wang and wanted to kill someone close to him, so he raised his bow and arrow directly to shoot at An Shao Guo Gong. Su Jin did not want King Yu to kill himself. Stop, Yu Wang let go of it on Su Jin’s face.

King Yu wondered why Su Jin could not kill the white deer, but Su Jin really knew the reason. King Yu looked at him impressedly. Su Jin asked him if he still remembered the new moon lantern on the Lantern Festival in the Yuan Dynasty. King Yu teased Su Jin again. Su Jin was speechless, so he came up with a hundred crescent lights for Su Jin to make Su Jin happy when he came up with the competition. Su Jin and Yu Yu led the way, Yu Yu followed closely, but I don’t know why the toffee and others stayed Outside the camp, Su Jin suddenly pulled the horses and caused him to fall. Su Jin fell to the ground and both Yu Yu and Jin Wang were very worried. The princess saw her two sons being lured by Su Jin. The predecessor’s decree confronts Yu Yu.

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