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The Legend of Jin Yan 凤归四时歌 Episode 16 Recap

Su Jin was sad and deceived by others, Yu Wang Qi Su Jin misunderstood his sincerity, Jin Yuling didn’t care about leaving directly, Zhong Li heard everything outside the prison and even more so Su Jin didn’t know what to do, Wang Yu was specially avoided in order to come here. Half of Yu Linjun was transferred. The concubine was curious about what kind of woman it was that caused Yu Yu to be so kind. Yiguang explained that Su Jin was the woman who was protected by Jin Jin and Yu Yu at the same time.

After hearing this, the concubine felt that Su Jin could not stay for a long time. You must deal with it as soon as possible so as not to cause the right and wrong of King Jin, and King Yu as a dynasty leader should not have such a weakness. She also knew that Su Jin was originally a maidservant of Su Yu, so Decided to hand over the investigation of the case of poisoned alcohol to Su Yu. Su Jin’s case was a hot potato, and Su Yu took it very hard. The concubine ordered the King Jin not to re-enter the meditation hall in the house, but the King Jin would learn that Su Jin’s things would cause trouble again.

Su Jin carefully reviewed the whole thing after she was sad in the prison. Before the banquet, she specifically checked which link was missing. Su Yu went to jail to hear the case. Su Jin didn’t understand why her sister who had sheltered herself from the wind and rain in Fuzhong had become so indifferent, but Su Yu was very jealous of what Su Jin got from birth when she was at home. The use of life criticism to harm one’s own life, originally unwilling to marry into the king’s house, why did he still want to frame himself, in Su Yu’s eyes, Su Jin not only seduce King Yu but also seduce King Jin.

Su Jin is sincere for her sister and doesn’t want to hurt her at all. She also came to Fuzhong to avoid her being hurt. However, Su Yu didn’t believe that Su Jin had suffered grievances since she entered the government. .

Su Yu also has all sorts of grievances in her heart. She wants supremacy and honor, but Su Jin snatches Yu Yu out of favor; he wants Jin Jin to hold himself in his palm, but Su Jin firmly holds Jin Wang’s heart, and now he himself It was difficult for the princess to make a difficult move in Fufu. Only Su Jin took the initiative to plead guilty for his own good. After King Yu left the prison, he was still in trouble, but Wen Fei at a glance saw that King Yu was different from Su Jin and the others. Li Chaohai originally found a suspicious maid in the Chengrui Pavilion, but the maid was afraid of committing suicide, so she failed to get anything. The effective clue is to inform Su Yu of personal interrogation of Su Jin. Wen Fei knew that Yu Yu was worried and promised to go to Futing prison for trial together.

Su Yu tortured Su Jin means asking him to plead guilty. Su Jin will never admit to what she has not done even if she suffers. The Wen Fei people didn’t hear the laughter first. With Yu Yu’s order, Wen Fei didn’t fear Su Yu at all, and took out the evidence directly. The banquet that Su Jin entered the imperial dining room was not the wine that Su Yu drank. Xia’er, the maid of Ruige, confessed to applying poison to her fingertips and mixing it into the wine. The evidence is so clear that Su Yu has nothing to say. Su Yu’s severe punishment forced Su Jin to suffer, and Wen Fei saw that Yu Yu had warned Su Yu of Su Jin’s intentions, and King Yu immediately came to rescue Su Jin who was tortured, and severely asked Su Yu to give him an explanation.

King Yu distressed Su Jin and left Futing prison, leaving Su Yu alone in his jail. The doctor who diagnosed and treated knew that Yu Yu was different from Su Jin, but he was afraid to start. He was hesitant about how to take the medicine and was pulled away by Yu Yu. Yu Wang was so full of vinegar that he did not allow other men to approach Su Jin. Do it for you. Yu Wang Shou waited beside Su Jin’s bed. When he saw Su Jin waking up, he wondered why she was angry, and changed to an ordinary woman who knew her identity as a prince.

Su Jin was not angry, but the beloved Zhong Li was suddenly replaced by a prince above ten thousand people, and he could not climb high. Su Jin’s words were still resentful, and Yu Wang did not mind to seek justice for Su Jin.

Su Jin knew in his heart that the person who was going to marry was Yu Wang. Su Yu knelt in front of the court to ask for guilt. Zhong Li focused on Yu Wang but Yu Yu was confused by Su Jin. Zhong Li had doubted Su Jin’s relationship with Jin Jin. At this moment, the poisoning may be Su Jin’s actions, but Yu Wang simply did not listen to Zhong Li and stop taking care of his own affairs. Zhong Li had no choice but to follow Yu Wang’s order to explore Su Jin’s injury. Rumor said that Su Jin went to meet Dongnuan Pavilion, but Su Jin did not want to meet.

Jin Wang’s visit to Su Yu at night is also for Su Jin’s safety. Su Yu is jealous and asks why Jin Wang only cares about Su Jin. Jin Wang only wants to send Su Jin out of the house. This is also to protect Su Yu. Su Yu is willing to obey any arrangements of Jin Wang. But the purse sent was rejected by King Jin Yan. Su Jinben wanted to use the golden jade to get out of the house but was stopped and had to fight back to the house. After wandering around, he came to the place where he shared memories with Yu Wang.

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