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Missing Persons 失踪人口 Episode 9 Recap

Chen Jian gave the anesthesia gun to Li Qiao, bluntly saying that Li Qiao had no sense of security, and only with the anesthesia gun could he sleep well. Li Qiao recalled what happened between him and Qiao Lin, took off his green coat and covered him with an anesthesia gun in his arms. Li Qiao, who was awake, came to Gu Ziyou and found that he had been given an injection. Li Qiao went to look for Chen Jian’s anesthesia gun and fell to the ground with nosebleeds as soon as he opened the curtain.

When Chen Jian saw Li Qiao who had fainted, he immediately added the medicine and gave her an injection. When Chen Jian was about to push the medicine, Li Qiao quickly got up and pushed her away. Li Qiao walked through the cave and returned to the scene of the car accident. Seeing that there was a can in the river, Li Qiao quickly took it apart and ate it. After eating the canned food, Li Qiao found a truck with canned food in it, recalling what Chen Jian had told him that the canned food had drifted over with the flood. When Li Qiao came to the place where he and Gu Ziyou had found the car, and found that there was nothing left, Li Qiao was flustered. At this time, Zou Zhiming and an old man appeared and stopped Li Qiao.

On April 25, 2011, in Beijing, Qiao Lin and Li Qiao sang in a bar. On the way back to the rental house, the drunk Qiao Lin knew that Li Qiao was afraid of the dark and bluntly said that he wanted to lead Li Qiao away. Because it was too late to return, the landlord locked the door, and Qiao Lin asked the landlord to come out, and the two took the opportunity to enter the door. Although the days were very shabby, I had a very happy life.

Everything changed until Zhou Jun talked to Qiao Lin. Knowing that Zhou Jun had the willingness to sign him, Qiao Lin was very excited. Every day he imagined the days when he was rich, and Li Qiaoxiang wondered how the two people should live when they are rich. The day before Mr. Zhou looked for a conversation, Qiao Lin and Li Qiao were again outside the door of the landlord because of their late return. This time Qiao Lin did not continue to learn how to bark, but took Li Qiao to stay in a five-star hotel. Seeing Qiao Lin who was full of joy, Li Qiao couldn’t bear to interrupt.

In the evening, Qiao Lin and Li Qiao sat on the floor of a five-star hotel and looked at Beijing outside the window. Li Qiao bluntly said that Beijing from this angle was even more beautiful than expected. Qiao Lin bluntly said that in another year, the songs they sang will be in the car downstairs, and the two will hug each other.

The next day, Qiao Lin and Zhou Jun were irritated after talking. Qiao Lin bluntly said that Zhou Jun would sign a ten-year contract with him and wanted to make him popular. Li Qiao was moved to learn that Qiao Lin had abandoned Zhou Jun’s invitation for himself, and said that Qiao Lin was not afraid of anything. On December 14, 2011, Qiao Lin and Li Qiao abandoned BeiDiao and returned to their hometown of Chongqing. Li Qiao was a little angry when he learned that Qiao Lin had bought shares in the bar, but there was nothing he could do. In this way, the two began to sing in a bar in Chongqing.

After seeing Qiao Lin again, Li Qiao did not leave after sending him home, but got out of the car and walked towards Qiao Lin. The two people who had reunited after a long time embraced each other deeply. The two came to the five-star hotel where they had stayed before. Qiao Lin stood in front of the window with Li Qiao to watch the night scene. During the chat, Li Qiao said that he went back to break up with Zhou Jun, and then quit the game, and the champion was gone. Qiao Lin bluntly said that Li Qiao and Zhou Jun have been together for so long.

This is what she should get in return. If you want to live like a rich person, you have to consider issues like them and look at issues from a long-term perspective. Qiao Lin told Li Qiao that he had also found a rich man to fall in love, and received a marriage certificate, but he was about to divorce, and after the divorce, he would get part of his property. Qiao Lin bluntly said that it will take some time to get the property. During this time, he doesn’t mind Li Qiao and Zhou Jun being together. Hearing this, Li Qiao was very angry and slapped Qiao Lin, bluntly saying that he was different from Qiao Lin, and Li Qiao also said that he would not break up with Zhou Jun.

When Li Qiao was signing an autograph at home, he received a call from Qiao Lin. Qiao Lin threatened her with a video of Li Qiao entering and leaving the hotel and asked her to meet. Li Qiao had no choice but to go to the appointment. Qiao Lin told Li Qiao that he had finished the divorce and wanted to be with Li Qiao again and proposed to Li Qiao to marry him. At this time, Qiao Lin’s car had an accident. Bloody Qiao Lin begged Li Qiao to save him. Li Qiao, who was in a panic, bluntly said that he had waited for him for so many years from Chongqing to Beijing. Qiao Lin, who had no reason to ask for help, got out of the car in a panic and sat beside it.

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