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Missing Persons 失踪人口 Episode 8 Recap

It’s not an accident to fall into the valley, what’s going on in the dark

Zou Zhiming was never able to successfully arrest drug dealer Lin Qiang . He searched for the missing road near the wall and walked repeatedly. Over and over again, hoping to find the reason why Lin Qiang disappeared out of thin air. Occasionally he looked up and saw a music classroom for rent. And the camera of that music classroom was facing the road that disappeared from the wall. So he put down the music classroom, pretending that it was for his wife who taught music.

When his wife was in class, Zou Zhiming took out the memory stick of the surveillance video. Zou Zhiming repeatedly checked the surveillance, and his efforts paid off. He really found suspicious points in the surveillance. There was a young woman who was using the same old-fashioned mobile phone as Lin Qiang. Zou Zhiming was a little skeptical. In order to get close to the woman, he also started running at night on this road. Sure enough, he waited.

Zou Zhiming and the woman gradually became acquainted with each other because they often run together. That woman’s name is Jiang Han. Zou Zhiming sent Jiang Han home. When I left, I suddenly heard Jiang Han’s screams from upstairs. Zou Zhiming hurried over and found that two men were attacking Jiang Han. Zou Zhiming hurriedly took action and got into a fight with the two. The dagger stabbed Zou Zhiming. Zou Zhiming slowly fell down. Fortunately, the police showed up in time and arrested the two perpetrators.

The captain of the anti-narcotics team went to the hospital to visit Zou Zhiming. Zou Zhiming, who thought he had messed up the matter again, was a little bit lost. The captain of the anti-narcotics team said that Zou Zhiming made a great contribution this time. The team has been holding Yu Xiaobei for nearly 5 years, but it has been unsuccessful. This time it was because Jiang Han was about to break up with Yu Xiaobei and was retaliated against. The two who attacked Jiang Han that day were Sent by Yu Xiaobei.

This time, Zou Zhiming’s misplay caused them to capture Yu Xiaobei. The Public Security Bureau also held a commendation meeting for Zou Zhiming. Zou Zhiming said that he did not want any recognition, but wanted to join the anti-drug team. The captain told her helplessly, although he wanted a policeman like Zou Zhiming to join his team. But because this time the dagger stabbed Zou Zhiming’s right lung, even if Zou Zhiming recovered, he would still have sequelae and he could no longer work on the front line.

After recovery, Zou Zhiming is still immersed in the loss of not being able to realize his dream. At this moment, he received a call from the captain of the anti-narcotics team and found a body in Chongqing. It is likely that Lin Qiang, because Zou Zhiming is familiar with Lin Qiang, wanted Lin Qiang to go to Chongqing to identify the body. In this way, Zou Zhiming got on the bus where the accident was measured.

Chen Jian put down the camera and turned to leave. Tao Ziyou , who had been closing his eyes, slowly opened his eyes and walked out of the tent. At this moment, Zou Zhiming’s voice came from the tent next door. He was calling Tao Ziyou, telling Tao Ziyou not to trust Chen Jian, and to let Tao Ziyou come to him. Tao Ziyou slowly approached the tent and suddenly shot a needle from the tent. Tao Ziyou fainted on the spot.

Chen Jian walked out of the tent and hugged Tao Ziyou back. He pulled out the camera’s memory card from Tao Ziyou. After turning on the camera, he found the picture of his murder taken by Ma Hongxin . And I saw a photo of him with his father when he was a child in the camera. Chen Jian broke the memory card and threw it away.

Lu Min found thetombstone of Xu Weihong ,his first love. He told Chen Jian that he should have been here 30 years ago. So he can accept whatever happens, but Zou Zhiming and Li Qiao are innocent and must go back safely. Chen Jian replied that as long as they stay in the 826 bureau, nothing will happen. Everyone can come here for a reason. The bus accident is not an accident, and it is not an accident that he himself came here. Ma Hongxin shouldn’t have come here, and he has already dealt with it. Now there is only one person left. When that person arrives, everything will come to an end.

Zou Zhiming discovered that Lu Min had lied. He quietly found Li Qiao and told Li Qiao that he was going out of the cave to find the truth in the valley. In order to avoid arousing Chen Jian’s suspicion, he and Li Qiao acted separately, and Zou Zhiming was the first to leave the valley. Li Qiao went to draw Chen Jian’s attention.

Zou Zhiming, who had left the cave, walked once again along the path they once had. He recalled the strange place repeatedly.

Zou Zhiming found Chen Jian’s gun to kill Ma Hongxin in the forest. He rode the boat back to the hole where he had fallen. Prying open the manhole cover that once sucked the rope away, it was found that ice had formed inside.

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