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Missing Persons 失踪人口 Episode 7 Recap

Ma Hongxin sat alone in the hotel room and counted the money. President Liu knocked on the door and came in, looking at the money in his hand. He warned him with a serious expression that he should not take the money. Since he has already taken the money, he must never get on the bus from Kunming to Chongqing on August 26. Ma Hong was a little confused in his confidence, but didn’t say anything. After the money was collected, he got up and left. But when he had just walked downstairs, he suddenly heard a bang behind him. Turning around, President Liu fell from the stairs and died.

Zou Zhiming carried Tao Ziyou and Chen Jian on his back, and went into the cave together to find Lu Min . They walked through the cave in a panic, and on the other side of the cave, it was a scene of heavy snow. Several tents were set up in the snow all over the sky, and Lu Min came out of the tent to greet them to come quickly.

Everyone put on military coats according to Lu Min’s instructions. Lu Min first diagnosed and treated Tao Ziyou who was in a coma, and then arranged for Zou Zhiming, Li Qiao and Chen Jian to go to various tents to find anti-inflammatory drugs. Zou Zhiming and Li Qiao went out one after another, but Chen Jian stayed. He took out a medicine bottle and told Lu Min that this medicine could treat the unconscious Tao Ziyou.

Lu Min asked Chen Jian the truth about the matter. Why was he suddenly more than 30 years younger, and why did he come to this strange valley? What secrets are hidden behind this? Zou Zhiming replied that they would understand one day, but it was definitely not from him. Lu Min actually found 826 rounds.

For him, dying here is the best destination, but he does not hope that Zou Zhiming, Li Qiao, Tao Ziyou and others will die because of this, but he dare not use the one given by Chen Jian. medicine. Chen Jian told him that Tao Ziyou’s illness was caused by this strange river valley, and other anti-inflammatory drugs had no effect at all. Wu Min finally chose to believe in Chen Jian and gave Tao Ziyou an injection.

Although he had doubts in his heart, Lu Min still decided to help Chen Jian conceal it temporarily. He told Li Qiao and Zou Zhiming that the scientific expedition team here left two of Chen Jian’s companions by plane, and was taken away by the expedition team because of serious injuries. The expedition team would come by plane later. Pick them up. Zou Zhiming and Li Qiao trusted Lu Min, so they didn’t doubt his words.

Lu Min asked Zou Zhiming and Li Qiao to go to rest as soon as possible, no one could get sick here. The two left obediently. After a while, Chen Jian discovered that Zou Zhiming was missing.

Ma Hongxin is a liar. He pretended to be a reporter to interview the head of the bank. Then I took the photo down and combined it into a bed photo, and then pretended to be drunk, and inadvertently let those in urgent need of loans look at the bed photo, so as to make others believe that he has an unusual relationship with the person in charge of the bank. Then ask for bribes from others in the name of the person in charge of the bank. Chen Jian’s father was also one of the victims.

Ma Hongxin used the same trick to deceive Chen Jian’s father. He hadn’t waited until Chen Jian’s father sent him money. He became a little anxious and took the initiative to call Chen Jian’s father. Tell him over the phone that the money is preparing to let him not worry. Ma Hongxin followed the instructions on the phone to the hotel to withdraw money. When I got there, I found that only Chen Jian learned from Chen Jian that his father was drunk and was in the room. Chen Jian opened the safe and gave all the money to Ma Hongxin.

Ma Hongxin was caught when he lied again, and the man wanted to take him back to Chongqing. The man poured drugs on Ma Hongxin, and sprinkled some wine on him, pretending to be drunk. In this way, Ma Hongxin was taken on a bus from Kunming to Chongqing.

Before Ma Hongxin deceived Chen Jian’s father, President Liu warned Ma Hongxin not to deceive them, otherwise he might die at the hands of their father and son.

After the bus accident, the first thing Ma Hongxin woke up was to find the phone and delete the photos in it. When the photo was deleted, he received a call, claiming to be from the rescue center, but Ma Hongxin did not call for help. The rescue call said that he could be rescued, so according to the request of the rescue call, he left the team and found a jeep. But it was Chen Jian who was waiting.

Chen Qian took a gun to kill him, Ma Hongxin was anxious, and took the camera on his chest to shoot a flash at Chen Qian, Mi Le Chen Jian’s eyes, Ma Hongxin took the opportunity to escape. But he still never ran past Chen Jian. Chen Jian caught up with him, saying that Ma Hongxin shouldn’t be here. If he doesn’t die, everyone will not live. Chen Jian killed Ma Hongxin.

Tao Ziyou, who was in a coma, waited for it. What is surprising is that Tao Ziyou didn’t stammer anymore. Lu Min asked Tao Ziyou what happened? Tao Ziyou only remembered that before he fell into a coma, a voice told him something, but he was free in everything, but he couldn’t remember it. Tao Ziyou found his backpack and took out Ma Hongxin’s camera from it.

Lu Min went out to find food for Tao Ziyou and ran into Chen Jian who had come to tell her that Zou Zhiming was missing. Tao Ziyou came out to see Chen Jian, and ran back in a panic. That scene fell in Chen Jian’s eyes. She was a little puzzled and didn’t understand why Tao Ziyou would like her. She wanted to find out.

Chen Jian walked into the tent and saw Tao Ziyou lying on the bed with his eyes closed. He took the camera from Tao Ziyou and discovered the secret in the camera.

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