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Missing Persons 失踪人口 Episode 6 Recap

After seeing the cave, Lu Min thought of the 826 innings that Chen Jian had mentioned, and hurried into the cave, ignoring Gu Ziyou’s block. The flood hit, and a large number of cans floated over. Li Qiao and Chen Jian sat on the roof of the bus and ate the cans. Li Qiao bluntly said that there are still many canned foods, and there is no need to eat so cleanly. Chen Jian told Li Qiao about his childhood. Chen Jian bluntly knew that Li Qiao didn’t believe him, so she left her on the roof of the bus, and he went to sleep in the bus.

In his sleep, I heard Li Qiao singing and learned that she was afraid of the dark. Chen Jian woke up and sat beside Li Qiao to accompany her, bluntly saying that he was not afraid of the dark but afraid that others would not believe him. Li Qiao told Chen Jian that he had been deceived by someone close to him before, so that he didn’t trust others so easily. Chen Jian bluntly said that compared with deceivers, those who always tell the truth will hurt others more.

When Chen Jian was a child, Chen Jian’s father owed Uncle Kun a large amount of money for business. In order to convince the creditor Uncle Kun to believe him, Chen’s father pressed Chen Jian as collateral and went to Chongqing to continue the management of the project. Father Chen, like he never missed his son, hurried to Kunming every time, and hurried back to Chongqing after sending the money. Father Chen didn’t even know the height and weight of his son, and he would not fit the clothes when buying clothes.

In this regard, Father Chen only said that he could leave it for the second half of the year before wearing it. When Chen Jian took his father to pick up the train ticket, he saw that his father wanted to buy apples, and worried that he had no money, so he lied to his father to eat apples at Uncle Kun’s house every day and was tired of eating them. Listening to his son’s lie, Chen’s father asked Chen Jian to stretch out his hand, slapped him, and bluntly said that no matter what the reason, he should not lie or lie. If he lied, he would lose credibility and people would not believe you. On the way back with the apple, the father and son talked about the size and history of Chongqing.

When Chen Jian was a child, he was very good at simulating other people’s voices. Once, his classmates asked him to imitate Teacher Yang’s voice and call Dad Li. As a condition, Chen Jian got a bag of apples. After Chen Jian returned home, Uncle Kun told his class teacher, Teacher Yang, to call to inform the start of the school, bluntly that he first helped Chen Jian pay for the tuition, gave him the money, and told him that the food was heated in the pot. After Uncle Kun left, Chen Jian imitated his voice and called the vegetable vendor to book a train ticket to Chongqing, bought the ticket with the tuition fee given by Uncle Kun, and went to Chongqing alone.

Chen Jian came to the construction site to look for Dad Chen. He saw that the house where Dad Chen lived was very simple and the food was extremely simple. Chen Jian felt very sorry for his father. Chen Jian bluntly said that as long as he is with his father, everything is delicious, and he hopes that his father will not let him return to Uncle Kun’s house. Listening to Chen Jian’s words, father Chen’s eyes were red. After the father and son had eaten the hot pot, Dad Chen took Chen Jian back to Kunming. In order to make Uncle Kun believe him, Dad Chen fainted Chen Jian with a stick. Although very distressed, he was helpless.

After Chen Jian’s disappearance, Chen’s father cried bitterly during a TV interview, saying bluntly that he did not expect his son to come back alive, but only hoped to find his body, not wanting him to stay alone in the cave. Father Chen also told reporters that he used to beat Chen Jian because he lied, and Chen Jian shed tears after hearing this. It turned out that when Li Qiao and the others called the police, it was Chen Jian who pretended to be a policeman to communicate with them. It was also Chen Jian who deliberately leaked the boat and divided them into two groups. What is Chen Jian’s intention to lie?

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