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Missing Persons 失踪人口 Episode 5 Recap

Someone came to the hospital with a portrait of Lu Min and asked the old man who was in the hospital.

Several people did not believe what Chen Jian said, saying that he was deceiving people. This is not about making a movie or traveling through time and space. Zou Zhiming said that he did not believe him but he must be saved. Li Qiao said that he could not go upstream, and found Ma Hongxin ‘s body on it. Li Qiao was determined not to save him, trying to force him to tell the truth. Lu Min asked why he didn’t believe in Chen Jian. There were too many weird things in the valley and what was impossible. Lu Min decided to save him.

Kunming, March 24, 2014. The woman holding the portrait of Lu Min was a doctor. The phone rang when she bandaged the wound of the patient. She called back when she sent the patient away and asked the other party how much she wanted. She has been subsidizing his ex-husband and giving him money. Her ex-husband said that he had booked the money she borrowed from him and would return it to her. At night she was sleeping and heard someone knock on the door and someone opened the door to come in. She went out and saw that she was a drunk ex-husband.

Speaking to see her, she took the money to send him as always, and her ex-husband directly beat her. She hid in the room, the more she thought about it, the harder she went to the kitchen and took a knife and stood in front of her ex-husband. She stood there listening to her ex-husband’s snoring. He got up and went to the kitchen to wash his face and came out to apologize to her. The next day, I bought fruit and went to see her. The female doctor took the fruit and waited for her ex-husband to leave, and threw the fruit in the trash can.

Lu Min also went down to the well and gave the other three people the right to choose whether to save or be the murderer. Lu Min treated Chen Jian’s wounds. The three above are discussing. Li Qiao believes that Lu Min’s approach is wrong, and Zou Zhiming believes that he will have a chance to leave by going downstream with Chen Jian. Lu Min knew that Chen Jian was lying to them, and to attract his attention. Chen Jian did not refute, but brought the portrait to convince her of what will happen to Lu Min after arriving in the valley. They decided to save Chen Jian, and Lu Min asked them to save Chen Jian first, and then go up by himself. Li Qiao apologized to Chen Jian. Chen Jian said that he also wanted to figure out what was going on. Several people decided to go downstream to rescue Chen Jian’s companion.

When the female doctor returned home, she found that her ex-husband had prepared a meal in her own home and called her to eat. The ex-husband said that his landlord took the house back and he had nowhere to go, saying that he would not disturb him, and he would cook for her every morning and evening. The doctor got angry and tore up the lottery chart he posted and called him out.

Five people walked to the pier, and the boat could only board four people at a time. Li Qiao asked Chen Jian to stay first. They went first, but Lu Min asked Chen Jian to go first. Li Qiao gave in, let them go first, and stayed for them to pick him up. After the four of them passed, Chen Jian volunteered to pick up Li Qiao by himself, but the boat leaked. At 6:30, the flood was coming, and the two had no choice but to get back to the bus first. Zou Zhiming explained that they would come to pick them up in the morning. Li Qiao committed hypoglycemia. At this time, the flood alarm sounded. Li Qiao fainted. Chen Jian carried Li Qiao to the bus.

The ex-husband stayed in the female doctor’s house. When she returned home, she saw a report on the dark matter particle detection satellite being broadcast on the TV. His ex-husband turned off the TV and told her to watch again after eating. The two of them sat and ate. She said that the ten years of marriage was really good for me, and she never let her cook and wash dishes.

So what happened later, she kept thinking about him and didn’t hate him at all. The ex-husband went to the kitchen to take a few sips of wine and asked her why Xu Weihong didn’t come back. The doctor told him that he was dead. Speaking of the past, my ex-husband resented Dean Zhang, and the doctor said that Dean Zhang should not be blamed for the two of us. He said that if it were not for him to do too much later, they would not get divorced, he said to remarry. The doctor left home on the excuse of something in the infirmary.

When she came to the hospital, she was about to inject drugs into herself. The ex-husband called, and the doctor said that he should tell the truth and apologize to him. When Xu Weihong died, he already wanted to divorce him. The ex-husband apologized and shouldn’t beat her. The doctor increased the dose, and suddenly, she saw Xu Weihong, and her own appearance changed to that of Lu Min. The next day, the doctor woke up, someone knocked on the door, and the policeman stood at the door. The police brought her to the scene. Her ex-husband died in the river with a car. The body was salvaged from the water and placed on the lawn.

Zou Zhiming, Dayou, and Lu Min walked downstream and heard the sound of the siren. They looked for the sound and looked for it.

On August 19, 2015, the picture returned to the female doctor holding Lu Min’s portrait and asking about it like an old man. The old man said that he hadn’t seen it before. You came to ask me so many questions. You just want to know where Xu Weihong is buried. The old man said it was confidential, and the female doctor was going to leave. The old man told her that someone might know and asked her to go to Chongqing to try her luck with this person.

The female doctor also got on the bus from Kunming to Chongqing. After the bus accident, she looked younger in the river valley. It turned out that she was Lu Min. Chen Jian told Lu Min in the well that he had met her many years ago. At that time Lu Min was much older than she is now, and she didn’t know why this happened. Chen Jian told her that he would take her to the place she always wanted to go, where there were 826 bureaus she had been looking for.

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