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Missing Persons 失踪人口 Episode 4 Recap

Ma Hongxin was shot and killed, Chen Jian rescued Zou Zhiming. Several people found the time was wrong

Before Li Qiao and the others got into the car accident, Qiao Lin called her. She asked him why he was calling. She would not break up with Zhou Jun! Qiao Lin said that she had sent something to her WeChat, and she would understand it after reading it. Li Qiao asked Liu Changqing why she should die and who shouldn’t die, and said she killed someone, when did she die! He asserted that Qiao Lin should have died, he would not survive that night.

Li Qiao and Dayou found an abandoned off-road vehicle on the upstream road. Dayou found that there was a key in the car and started the car. The car music automatically played a song on April 23, 2012, Chongqing. Li Qiao recalled that Qiao Lin sang the song with a guitar and two people. Qiao Lin said that Zhou Jun from Beijing came to Chongqing to find him and hoped that he would return to Beijing and have a good opportunity. Li Qiao asked if he decided to return to Beijing?

Qiao Lin asked her to continue singing here, and he won’t come after singing this weekend. Li Qiao asked him to go back and develop well. Qiao Lin asked Li Qiao to go with him on Monday to collect the certificate. The two returned to Beijing together. Qiao Lin came to Li Qiao, and Li Qiao said that it was not for her at all that he proposed to her right now, but there was a reason to return to Chongqing if he failed to go to Beijing. Li Qiao encouraged him not to be afraid of failure and got a tattoo on his body. She was waiting for him in Chongqing.

Dayou sang along to the music in the car, thinking back to the anchor girl. Li Qiao called to him, and he regained his senses, saying that he particularly liked Li Qiao’s “Red River Valley”. Then Dayou started to change the tires. Li Qiao asked if his friend taught him this song? Dayou said that his friend only liked the song “Red River Valley” you adapted, and Li Qiao promised to let him and his friends go to see her perform after returning. Otomo said that he would never meet with that friend again.

Chongqing, April 23, 2013. Li Qiao called Qiao Lin, but the number became empty. Zhou Jun came to Qiao Lin, but Li Qiao couldn’t find him. It turned out that Qiao Lin lied to Zhou Jun to get the money and ran away. Zhou Jun stated that his intention was not to capture Qiao Lin, but to find Qiao Lin through Li Qiao to rebuild his confidence. Li Qiao kept calling Qiao Lin, reminiscing about the past moments, crying sadly.

July 23, 2013, Beijing. Li Qiao was singing at the bar, and Zhou Jun came to her. Li Qiao sold his shares in Chongqing Bar and returned Zhou Jun’s money. Zhou Jun said that two people who are sick and pitiful can make friends, and then signed Li Qiao as a company singer. Li Qiao looked for Qiao Lin everywhere. She received a call saying that Qiao Lin deliberately avoided her and that he had already made a new girlfriend.

Dayou changed the tires and called Li Qiao to get into the car.

On June 26, 2014, Li Qiao came to Zhou Jun. He was playing the moon to represent my heart. Li Qiao returned the key to him. Zhou Jun asked if she didn’t like it? Li Qiao opened the collar to show him the tattoo and asked if he really minded? Zhou Jun said that he minded but he could accept it. The two embraced each other. Li Qiao passed the rehearsal room and saw the missing Qiao Lin. The rain was heavy, Qiao Lin took a taxi, but the taxi did not stop. Li Qiao drove over and Qiao Lin got into her car. Qiao Lin wanted to talk about the past two years. Li Qiao interrupted him, saying that she knew all about it, and when he sent him home, Li Qiao drove away. Qiao Lin walked into the alley, Li Qiao gave him the lights, he turned around, Li Qiao looked at him in the car.

The big friend called Li Qiao to get into the car. Li Qiao recalled again that when Qiao Lin was in a car accident, she could do nothing to see him die in front of her. Zhou Jun said that it has been a year since Qiao Lin left, and you still can’t forget him. Li Qiao apologized and said that he could not be forgotten.

Li Qiao found that the bottom of the car was supported and the car could not be driven. The two were looking for branches to pad under the car. Li Qiao found Ma Hongxin’s companion’s mobile phone and called his friend. Dayou suddenly called her over and saw Ma Hongxin who had been shot dead. There was danger in the woods, and the two began to run away in panic, and then ran all the way to the valley.

Zou Zhiming found a sewer-like lid in the well. He tied a knot with a rope to open it, and the rope was pulled in by a force. Chen Jian rescued him, and Li Qiao pushed him into the well. Zou Zhiming asked him when he was near the river valley. Dayou discovered the time displayed on his mobile phone. Several people looked at the time and found that something was wrong. Chen Jian said that it is 2014.

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