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Missing Persons 失踪人口 Episode 3 Recap

Kunming, August 26, 2014. Zou Zhiming and Lin Qiang are boiling hot pot in a hot pot restaurant. Zou Zhiming’s eyes were different. Lin Qiang noticed it and asked him, then left his seat to observe and then told Zou Zhiming to leave. In the police station, Zou Zhiming and his colleagues called out the surveillance and saw Lin Qiang take out a backpack suspected of containing drugs and walked out of the surveillance area.

I heard from the phone, please answer. Several people in the valley found that the rescue team could not see them, and they could not see the rescue team members. Li Qiao was upset, Lu Min insisted on walking downstream, Zou Zhiming changed his mind and said to be with her. The four were divided into two teams, with Li Qiao and Dayou walking upstream, and Zou Zhiming and Lu Min walking downstream. It was agreed that after five hours, he would return to the valley regardless of whether he found the way. After walking far, Lu Min asked Zou Zhiming why he suddenly changed his mind and went downstream with her. Zou Zhiming said that because he also wanted to know the truth, Lu Min tapped him and said that he did not tell the truth.

Lincang, July 23, 2014. Lin Qiang drove Zou Zhiming all the way. Zou Zhiming recalled the scene of having a meal with his wife. His wife said that his current case had not progressed so that he would go back to manage the household registration. Zou Zhiming changed the subject and asked her if she could not teach “Red River Valley”. “, change the song to teach. The piano student came to interrupt the conversation between the two. Wu Zhiming came to Team Zhang and asked him when to let him go to Lincang. Team Zhang said he was not prepared at all, and he must be aware of this.

Team Zhang said that this undercover mission pretending to be a drug dealer and Lin Qiang is very dangerous, and it is very likely that you will not be able to come back. Is he really ready? Zou Zhiming is very determined. He is ready and has enough courage to perform this mission. Before the time came back, the mountain road was bumpy, and the two got off the car at their destination. Lin Qiang took off his jackets, with a pistol pinned to his waistband. Lin Qiang said that he was doing a head-off business and he liked to talk about business while swimming. Zou Zhiming said he didn’t trust him. If Lin Qiang didn’t trust you, he wouldn’t let you come here alive. The two took off their clothes and went into the water. Zou Zhiming found Lin Qiang missing in the water.

Li Qiao and Dayou walked all the way, she suspected that Ma Hongxin must have found a way to leave. Lu Min and Zou Zhiming discovered that there were people downstream, because they found the ship and the dock. Friends and they determined that Ma Hongxin had found the way to leave. Li Qiao suddenly stopped him and said that Ma Hongxin should have discovered this. Lu Min and the others walked to the dock, and Zou Zhiming suddenly fell into a large well.

Zou Zhiming yelled Lin Qiang in the water, and Lin Qiang suddenly came up and said that he would not drown. While putting on clothes on the shore, Lin Qiang said that his three friends drowned here when he was a child. On the way back, Lin Qiang asked Zou Zhiming to contact him with his mobile phone.

Lu Min went to find a way to rescue him. Zou Zhiming found that the water in the well was receding, and then a corpse appeared.

Kunming, August 25, 2014. Zou Zhiming came out to throw out the trash and lit a cigarette. He took out the mobile phone Lin Qiang gave him and fell into memories. He said he was not afraid of danger and hoped that he could stay in the anti-drug detachment after the case was solved. Just as he was about to go home, Lin Qiang called and came to Kunming. In the police station, Zou Zhiming took out his mobile phone and asked Team Zhang to continue to let him contact Lin Qiang, saying that Lin Qiang was not suspicious. The two were eating hot pot in the hot pot restaurant.

Lin Qiang got off the underground parking lot. Zou Zhiming chased him and stopped him. The two fought. Zou Zhiming said he still didn’t trust him. Lin Qiang Che Li said that the three friends he had drowned did not think he would drown, but he himself always thought that he would be drowned. That’s why he lived until now. Everything was because he was careful. Lin Qiang said that he brought the things Zou Zhiming asked for, so he went to get it and asked him to wait. But Lin Qiang did not come back. After being monitored, the police came to the scene to investigate how Lin Qiang went missing?

Lu Min found the rope, and Zou Zhiming found a broken leg bone in the corpse in the well. Lu Min couldn’t pull him up alone, so she went upstream to find Dayou and Li Qiao for help. Zou Zhiming threw the watch to her to make her pay attention to the time. Don’t come to rescue him if it’s five o’clock. Going downstream of his own choice, he has no regrets.

Zou Zhiming wanted to stay in the anti-narcotics team, but Zhang’s team refused to let him stay and asked him to return to the household registration department. Zou Zhiming and his wife were eating and told her that they had returned to the household registration department. Zou Zhiming came out to throw rubbish to call Lin Qiang, but the phone kept shutting down. Zhao Zhiming recalled that Team Zhang asked him why he had to stay in the anti-drug detachment so that he could live a stable life.

After Zou Zhiming handed over things to the anti-narcotics team, he must tell him about Lin Qiang’s news. He fell into self-blame because he didn’t wipe “Red River Valley” for a while and made a mistake that caused the mission to fail.

Dayou and Li Qiao returned to the position of the river valley bus. They met Lu Min who had come for help. The three people went to rescue him and found that Zou Zhiming had been rescued. Observing the rescuer, Li Qiao suddenly called him Chen Jian and pushed him into the well. Li Qiao refused to let Zou Zhiming save people, saying that this Chen Jian had a problem, and that this person had disappeared a year ago. She saw his dad looking for him on TV.

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