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Missing Persons 失踪人口 Episode 2 Recap

Time August 26, 2014, Beijing. An introduction to dark matter exploration of planets is being broadcast on TV. Li Qiao signed the photos one by one. The phone rang, she answered the phone and asked why the other party was still calling!

Dayou and Dajun were eating noodles in a noodle restaurant. Dajun asked him to go back to Chongqing first, but Dayou wanted to go back with him.

Li Qiao was waiting for his ex-boyfriend by the side of the road. After getting in the car, Li Qiao looked upset. The atmosphere in the car was depressed, and neither of them spoke. At this time, his former boyfriend Qiao Lin said, let’s get married. As soon as the words fell, a dazzling car light came, and a car crashed into their car. Otomo got out of the car and saw that both people in the car were unconscious.

The picture is cut to the present, the four surviving people are still on the roof of the car, and Dayou looked at Li Qiao thoughtfully.

On August 26, 2015, Otomo and the army conspired in the car and escaped after hitting a person. The army said it was a licensed car, and the police could not find them even if they killed someone.

The time was May 24, 2014. Dayou disguised as a courier to deliver express delivery in the community. In fact, the army and the army are thieves, as long as no one is at home, the two of them enter the house and steal. This time the two went into another family to steal, and my friend discovered that this was the home of the anchor girl he often watched her live broadcast. The girl came back and was tied up by the army and threw it on the toilet floor, threatening her not to call the police. The girl behind still called the police, and the two were about to run away. The army is going to drive and kill the girl. When the car was about to hit the girl, Otomo grabbed the steering wheel and this led to the previous car accident. After looking at Qiao Lin and Li Qiao, he took the anchor girl who was knocked to the ground to the side of the road, and Dayou ran away.

Kunming, August 26, 2015. Dayou bought a ticket back to his hometown in Chongqing, and saw Li Qiao when he got on the bus.

August 26, 2014, Beijing. Li Qiao was interviewed as the champion of singing competition. Was asked about the relationship with the boss Zhou Jun. She fell into memories, thanking Zhou Jun for giving her everything. Qiao Lin called her and wanted to get her back, but he didn’t expect that the two had a car accident and Qiao Lin died.

Li Qiao was sitting on the sofa watching TV, Zhou Jun came in and sat beside her. Ask her why she did this and why she broke up with him before his birthday party. She said she didn’t want him to be embarrassed, because Zhou Jun planned to propose to her in front of everyone, so Li Qiao proposed to break up first. Zhou Jun said she could not forget Qiao Lin, Li Qiao admitted generously. The two sat there all night, Zhou Jun wanted to leave the house to her, but Li Qiao refused to accept it, saying that she was going back to Chongqing, and the two broke up peacefully.

Li Qiao answered the phone in the car, and Liu Changqing asked her if you had a car accident before.

On August 26, 2015, at dawn, four people came down from the roof of the car, the flood receded, and the bodies were all washed away. They found that the backs of the seats in the car were all dry and there was no dirt on it. At this time, after hearing the sound, Zou Zhiming asked them to get on the roof of the car quickly, and the flood came again, and it was flowing backwards. Li Qiao found the hat he had lost in the river and drifted away along the current.

Several people observed the time of the flood and grasped the law. Li Qiao decided not to wait for the rescue, but found the way by himself, and several people set out to go upstream. Lu Min said that he should go downstream, and his opinions were divided. The call came, and the other side said that they had arrived at the rescue scene, 24 people had been safely transferred, and only six people were missing. Dayou hurried to the top of the car to look for it, and then shouted anxiously to the people under the car, no one, no one.

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