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Missing Persons 失踪人口 Episode 11 Recap

Chen Jian told Lu Min that all the things in these tents were prepared by himself and that these drugs only worked on people with TH-negative blood, so only a few of them survived, and the others died. Li Qiao, who was awake, came to Gu Ziyou and found that he had been given an injection. Li Qiao went to look for Chen Jian’s anesthesia gun and fell to the ground with nosebleeds as soon as he opened the curtain. When Chen Jian saw Li Qiao who had fainted, he immediately added the medicine and gave her an injection. When Chen Jian was about to push the medicine, Li Qiao quickly got up and pushed her away.

In a panic, Chen Jian hurried to chase Li Qiao, but he had a nosebleed and forced himself to give himself an injection, but finally fainted. Lu Min saw Chen Jian who had fainted and injected him with medicine. Chen Jian soon woke up.

On August 26, 2014, in Kunming, Chen Jian drove Chen’s father to find Ma Hongxin . President Liu booked a room next to Ma Hongxin and told Chen Jian and his son about Ma Hongxin’s money deception in advance. Hearing this, Chen Dezhong called Ma Hongxin, trying to delay. At this time, President Liu also went to warn Ma Hongxin not to accept money from Chen Jian and his son, otherwise he would die in their hands. The drunk ex-husband of Lu Min drove to the hospital to find Lu Min.

On the way, he ran into Lin Qiang, a drug dealer who was going to fetch drugs for Zou Zhiming . It happened that Chen Jian and his son drove by, and Lu Min’s ex-husband was afraid to escape. After Chen Dezhong wanted to send Lin Qiang to the hospital, he was reluctantly threatened with a gun by Lin Qiang, and Chen Dezhong had to take him back to his home.

Lin Qiang threatened Chen Jian and his son, if he called the police, he would let his brothers outside kill them first. In desperation, Chen Jian suggested that Lin Qiang must be killed, otherwise both father and son would be in danger. In this way, Chen Dezhong drank a bottle of white wine and became courageous, and the father and son jointly killed Lin Qiang.

After Ma Hongxin finished withdrawing the money, Chen Jian and his son packed Lin Qiang’s body in a suitcase, and wanted to drive him down the cliff. Unexpectedly, a truck followed them on the road. After Chen Jian drove them off, the father and son threw Lin Qiang off the cliff. When Chen Jiangang was about to drive away, the truck appeared and hit the car of Chen Jian and his son off the cliff, and Chen Jian also fell down.

Chen Jian found Li Qiao with a gun and asked Li Qiao to go back with him. If Li Qiao didn’t agree, he could only numb her and take her back. When using an anesthesia gun to numb her, Zou Zhiming appeared, and Li Qiao snatched the gun in Chen Jian’s hand and asked why he wanted to deceive them. Chen Jian denied that the Morse code had nothing to do with the alarm sound. At this time, Zhang Guangbei told them the Morse code he had heard, “Away from the river valley, goodbye in the next life”. Chen Jian bluntly said that although Zou Zhiming was a policeman, he would not shoot him to death. Impulsive Li Qiao grabbed the gun and hit Chen Jian. Chen Jian, who fell into the water, told them to find Lu Min and then sank.

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