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Missing Persons 失踪人口 Episode 10 Recap

In Shanghai in 1945, Zhang Yimin and Guo Lan, as members of the Ark Working Group of the CCP’s underground group, were arranged to pretend to be traitors and live around the Japanese to win their trust and become leaders. After Zhang Yimin and Guo Lan finished their breakfast in a quiet atmosphere, Zhang Yimin came to Zhengjin Bank’s office. Seeing that Zhang Yimin, the governor of Hideki Sato, had been staring at the model rocket on his desk, he said that the rocket was the pride of the Germans, but even this pride failed to help the Germans win London.

President Hidechu Sato praised Zhang Yimin, bluntly saying that he was also the pride of Shoji Bank, and said that he would return to Japan. This office will be Zhang Yimin’s in the future, and this rocket model was also given to him. President Xiuzhong Sato told Zhang Yimin that his German friend died in the war to prevent the Soviets from entering Berlin, so every time he saw this model, he felt very sad. He bluntly gave the model to Zhang Yimin, leaving it in the hands of someone who likes it.

At ten o’clock in the evening, Zhang Yimin was about to receive a telegram from Yan’an. At this time, someone knocked on the door. After hiding the telegraph, Zhang Yimin opened the door and found that it was Wang Hanchao, the leader of the Ark working group of the underground CCP team. Wang Hanchao told Zhang Yimin that the time to receive the telegram was delayed by fifteen minutes, and informed Zhang Yimin to abandon the mission of the president and that a new mission would be assigned to him.

Zhang Yimin bluntly said that it took him three years to sit on the position of long-term growth, and finally had the opportunity to directly destroy the Japanese financial plunder. Why did he give up at this time? Zhang Yimin cried with joy when he received the telegram from Yan’an, and bluntly said that his child would be Zhang Guangbei. Knowing that the Soviets were about to send troops to the Northeast, organize the Ark Working Group to transfer the work to Shanghai, return to the Northeast, and prepare for the recovery of the Northeast, Wang Hanchao said frankly that he could finally go home after eight years.

At night, the injured Wang Hanchao knocked on the door. Wang Hanchao told Zhang Yimin that one of the two newly recruited people had defected. He bluntly hoped that Zhang Yimin would replace him as the leader of the Ark working group and continue to lead the group members to carry out new tasks after returning to the northeast. I have to stay in Shanghai to solve the traitor. Wang Hanchao bluntly said that their work is based on absolute trust. The Ark team is needed to organize underground work in the Northeast. If the traitor is not brought out, the Ark team will be shadowed by the traitor, and there is no way to invest in new work. Hearing this, Zhang Yimin bluntly said that he would stay in Shanghai to solve the traitor’s affairs.

Early the next morning, Zhang Yimin bid farewell to his wife, and Zhang Yimin told his wife to use himself as a bait to lure the traitor out. Before leaving, Zhang Yimin and his wife agreed that his wife would call the office at 11:30. If Zhang Yimin said that he could not go home for dinner, it would mean that the problem had been resolved; if he asked what to eat at night, it would mean that someone was watching him. If you do not answer the phone, it means goodbye in the next life. At 11:30 in Zhang Yimin’s office, the traitor had been stabbed to death by Zhang Yimin.

Zhang Yimin himself was also seriously injured. He endured the pain and waited for his wife’s call. Guo Lan called Zhang Yimin, and Zhang Yimin told Guo Lan using Morse code, “The king will set the Central Plains Day in the north, and the family sacrifice will never forget Nai Weng.” Hearing this, Guo Lan said that she would let Guangbei see the northeast after liberation, and said bluntly, “One people, we will see you in the next life.” After hanging up the phone, Zhang Yimin passed away. His wife with tears in her eyes endured the pain and returned to the northeast, giving birth to a son named Zhang Guangbei.

On August 26, 2014, in Shenyang, Zhang Guangbei in the nursing home stood on the ground, saying, “Wang Shibei will set the Central Plains Day, and the family will never forget to tell Nai Weng.” Zhang Guangbei came to Chengdu by car to see the squad leader and wanted to inquire about the 826 bureau, but the squad leader was already demented and could not remember anything. Zhang Guangbei came to Kunming to visit the company commander again, and the company commander told him to go to Chongqing to find company commander Liu Shimin. Zhang Guangbei came to the passenger station. Unexpectedly, his ticket was stolen.

Finally, Zhang Guangbei could only follow the truck to Chongqing. On the way, an accident happened to the truck, and Zhang Guangbei woke up on the ground alone. After waking up, he went to the place where the bus accident occurred, found Chen Jian ‘s ID card, saw the reporter Ma who was shot, and heard the Morse code “Fare from the river valley, see you in the next life”. Zhang Guangbei saw Zou Zhiming and thought he was a bad guy. After Zou Zhiming told Zhang Guangbei, Zhang Guangbei rescued him from the well. When Chen Jian found Li Qiao and wanted to numb her with an anesthesia gun, Zou Zhiming appeared. Li Qiao snatched the gun in Chen Jian’s hand and asked why he wanted to deceive them.

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