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Burning 燃烧 Episode 49 Recap

Gao Jianshe divorced his wife Chen Jie first, and then drove to Haidong to investigate the truth. Zhou Wei worried that the conspiracy would be revealed, and took the initiative to contact Zhao Yuee to explain the situation. However, Zhao Yuee was cruel and sent Xu Songlin to chase and kill him by bike. Gao Jianshe couldn’t dodge, rushed out of the mountain road out of control, and the front of the car was hovering towards the cliff. He should have survived. However, Xu Songlin stopped his motorcycle and walked directly behind the car. Under Gao Jianshe’s gaze, he tried his best to push the car with others. Down the cliff.

After the memorial service was over, Zhao Yuee asked Zhou Wei sternly, saying that Gao Jianshe had already grasped important clues, and the clues were very close to the truth. If he could come back alive, he would definitely find the man behind the exchange of blood samples. Zhao Yuee threatened Zhou Wei not to act emotionally. Since they were in the same boat, only Xu’s family was safe and sound, and the police would not pursue this.

Unexpectedly, the day was a farewell, but now it is forever separated from heaven and man. No matter how resentful Zhou Wei is towards Gao Sihai, his relationship with Gao Jianshe is hard to part with. After decades of getting along with each other, Zhou Wei knelt in the cemetery and wept bitterly. He was overwhelmed with sorrow and repented. He happened to be seen by Gao Sihai who had come to worship and he was suspicious.

Gao Sihai was convinced that Gao Jianshe did not die by an accident, but at the same time he did not want Zhou Wei to be involved. He deliberately mentioned it in front of Zhou Wei. Zhou Wei could not bear the conscience condemnation, so he took the initiative to apply for resignation and decided to become a cardiologist, trying to stay away from the evil and wash away the evil.

However, Zhou Wei was already deep in the quagmire, and was used by Zhao Yue’e for many years. Whether it was to enter the hospital monitoring system or reveal important file information, it was not until his son Zhou Haoyu was killed that it was difficult to go astray and make it difficult to go ashore. Xie Ning begged Zhou Wei to keep the secret, and even willing to transfer shares and property.

Zhou Wei admitted that Gao Sihai did his best to himself, especially when he discovered that all his cognition was nothing but an oolong, and his only last hope also collapsed with the facts.

Gao Feng finally dialed Zhou Wei’s phone, expressing his excitement that he had read Gao Sihai’s diary and thoroughly understood that Zhou Wei was deceived by an adulterer back then, so he misunderstood his grandfather. Zhou Wei commissioned Gao Fengxiang to convey an apology to Gao Sihai, and then silently put down the phone and stood in the middle of the railroad track, letting the train come from the opposite side, listening to the whistle and howling, ending this miserable life of regret.

Zhao Yuee was on trial for many days, but she refused to reveal Xu Jiafu’s whereabouts. The Xu family was very closely involved. Only Xu Jun was on the outside. It wasn’t until Gao Feng came to visit him that he came back to his senses and realized that his years of hard work and struggle in life were only the result of his father, who had been smuggled through suspended animation. Writing an autobiography after retirement to inspire younger generations, but now it seems ironic and ridiculous.

Xu Jun is like a string puppet in the hands of his parents. Whether it is his marriage with Wu Xiaoling or the cooperation with Nanguo Xichuan Textile Factory, he will always be manipulated secretly. Even the closest daughter is also an accomplice in this plan. Gao Feng believes that Xu Jun is different from others because he has bottom lines and principles deep in his heart, but Xu Jun attributes these to his grandfather Gao Sihai. He can’t forget that Gao Sihai gave him a book to teach himself to be a good person.

Although justice arrived late, Cui Zhiyou, with the assistance of Kim Jae-yong, successfully caused a car accident to prevent Cui Tianxing from fleeing to the UK, causing him to be seriously injured and sent to the hospital for treatment. After Xu Jiatong learned of the incident, he made a decisive decision and called Long Jun to pick up Cui Tianxing as soon as possible while ensuring his physical condition to prevent the police from getting his DNA.

Cui Zhiyou was detained by his superiors, and Jin Zaiyong was entrusted to call Liu Qingye to urge them to take Xu Jun’s blood to the South as soon as possible, and conduct DNA identification with Cui Tianxing.

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