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Burning 燃烧 Episode 48 Recap

Zhou Wei was bought by Zhao Yuemo. Gao Sihai knew it well. He recorded all his guesses in his diary. Until the nurse visited him, he continued to pretend to be crazy. Later, Zhou Haoyu came to visit, and the nurse reported to him that Gao Sihai secretly wrote a diary. Gao Sihai was worried that he would be discovered, so he hurriedly hid the diary in Zhou Haoyu’s schoolbag.

From the moment he saw Zhou Haoyu, Gao Sihai had a clear consciousness. He heard that Gao Feng had officially transferred to the police station. He was happy in his heart and pretended to be calm on the surface. In order to avoid doubt, he deliberately regarded Zhou Haoyu as Gao Feng. The third child called to inform Xu Jiatong that he had returned to China. It was said that he was going to start a business in Shanghai and recruit troops to buy horses.

Zhou Haoyu had a crush on Xu Jiatong and specifically asked for contact information, and then contacted Xu Jiatong to meet at night. Later, Zhou Haoyu became Xu Jiatong’s capable cadre, and everything in his schoolbag was left untouched at home. Now Zhou Wei found this diary from his relics, and after understanding all the true thoughts of Gao Sihai, he immediately wrote his last words on the last page. .

His wife, Shen Chaoying, could not contact Zhou Wei, so she only notified Gao Feng to help him find it. According to the call records, Liu Qingye found that Zhou Wei had inquired about Xie Ning’s whereabouts from Zhao Min at midnight last night. It happened that Zhao Min had met him at the funeral of his comrades-in-arms a year ago After being in Xie Ning, he simply handed over his business card to Zhou Wei.

Xie Ning was a teammate of Gao Sihai and Zhao Min, but later disappeared bizarrely, no news, and only returned to China in recent years for development. It is said that he runs a medical device company and even his name is changed to Xie Chengyuan. Zhou Wei found Xie Ning’s place of work, ignored the customer service block, and went straight to the office. At this time Xie Ning could not remember Zhou Wei until the other party explained his identity.

Xie Ning was frightened, and suddenly remembered that he had been instructed by Zhao Yue’e to deliberately fabricate a lie about Zhou Jicheng and Gao Sihai’s feud, so that Zhou Weixin thought it was true and hated his adoptive father Gao Sihai. Zhou Haoyu got more and more angry, grabbed Xie Ning by the collar angrily, yelled, and asked why he kept his name incognito. Xie Ning refused to admit that he lied and deceived Zhou Wei, but after many years, Zhou Wei also took Xie Ning helplessly.

Gao Feng hurried to Zhou Wei’s house and saw the last line left by Zhou Wei in Gao Sihai’s diary: “It’s a pity that you are smart. Now, it will be buried in the soil.”

Zhou Wei’s phone was turned off, and everyone lost contact with him. No one knew what happened. Only after Zhou Wei met Xie Ning did he realize that he was so ridiculous. In those days, Zhou Wei was often severely reprimanded by Gao Sihai for finding the source of the kidney. In addition, he learned from Xie Ning the cause of his father’s death, so he was unwilling to meet with Zhao Yuee. Zhao Yuee promised to find a suitable kidney source. Zhou Wei was hesitant at first, but when his mother Huifen was dead, he still called Gao Jianshe’s name and never even looked at Zhou Wei.

Huifen’s death and indifference were the last straw that crushed Zhou Wei. Since then, Zhou Wei has made up his mind to trade with Zhao Yuee. He first obtained Xu Da’s blood sample and Xu Jialu’s leg bones and explained that Zhao Yuee tried to delay the post-mortem day as much as possible. After that, he stole the dragon and turned to the phoenix, taking advantage of the power outage in the whole area to destroy all the evidence data as much as possible.

The paternity test report led the police to investigate the case in the wrong direction. While investigating Xu Da, Gao Jianshe accidentally discovered that the case was hidden, and even suspected that Luo Hongying had not escaped at all, but was killed. Gao Jianshe questioned the appraisal report, but he believed that Zhou Wei was a human being, so he specifically explained his speculation and planned to personally go to Haidong County for verification. Before leaving, he specifically told Zhou Wei not to tell anyone.

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